Tips for finding the domain of your dreams

Before you get all wrapped up in real estate, there are several factors OCSS wants students to keep in mind. Just because it is affordable financially doesn’t mean it outweighs the cost of your personal safety.

1) Get to know the area and location of your new pad

-Where are the closest supermarkets, convenience stores, laundry facilities, banking facilities, T stops, medical facilities, etc.?

-How long will it take to travel to campus? Factor commute time into your schedule.

-Is there an excess of noise?

-Where the party at? Are there any bars nearby or is your only hang-out option the local 7-Eleven?

2) find out how safe it is

-Does the building you are looking at have some kind of security system?

-Are you and your cohabitants the only key-holders to your door?

-Are there smoke detectors and alarm systems?

-What is the safety of the general surrounding area?

3) consider The condition of the building

-Do you detect any unfamiliar smells when you first enter the building?

-Will the apartment be painted before you move in?

-Will carpets be cleaned? Do they look cleanable?

-Will you be allowed to make changes or improvements based on personal preference?

-Are tiles loose in the kitchen or bedroom and are there signs of water damage?

-Are appliances, radiators, etc. in working condition?

-Does the ceiling appear to have the potential to collapse on you in your sleep?

4) make sure your utilities

-Who’s in charge of the thermostat? Do you have a good tolerance for the cold?

-Is there adequate closet/storage space?

-Are there enough telephone jacks and electrical outlets?

-Is cable television available?

-Can you have pets?