Transitioning trends: with the arrival of warmer weather, spring for these fashion must-haves

With the change of seasons also comes a change in fashion, and in 2006 “nautical” styles, shorts and tailored silhouettes all dominated the runways.,Spring is in the air: the vendors are back on Boston Common, your morning coffee is now becoming iced and the Duck Tours are back and quacking along the streets of Boston.

With the change of seasons also comes a change in fashion, and in 2006 “nautical” styles, shorts and tailored silhouettes all dominated the runways. We selected 10 transitional trends to help you make the most of what you have and keep you focused as you browse and shop for a few of this year’s refreshingly and dramatically different looks.


Stripes are everywhere this season, most popularly in black and white and also navy and white for the “nautical” look. Brighten up black-and-white stripes with a bright color for a funky look, or pair with solids for a more classic style.

High Waist-Lines

Flaunting your midriff has become as trashy as Britney Spears. Instead of revealing it all, this season’s style is focused more on defining than exposing. This trend displays a “desire for groomed orderliness as a reflection of our mental assimilation of a world in chaos,” according to fashion expert Pauline Weston Thomas from Try incorporating a high waist belt into your wardrobe with dresses and blouses to top it off.

Skinny Pants

In solid black or denim-tapered pants are everywhere this spring. The pants are flattering on almost every body type and look very appealing when paired with a funky pump, as the cut of the pant reveals the entire shoe.

Polka Dots

Yes, the ’80s are still present in fashion-or is it the ’50s? With nostalgia still ruling runways, you never can tell. Girly polka dots in bright colors are huge this season on tops, dresses, shoes even footless tights.


A throwback to elementary school days, this can be a grown-up way to conceal a bad hair day. Headbands are shown this season in a variety of styles and look great with poofed-up hair for a mod-inspired effect.

A Little White Dress

Nothing says spring more than a crisp white outfit. A head-to-toe white look or even a basic white dress is huge this season, as Calvin Klein is showing. Be sure to add colored accessories to veer away from a plain look. Also, the two -toned look of white with black is very big, and a good way to avoid displaying any food spills.

Prairie-Inspired Fashions

The summer release of the film A Prairie Home Companion with Lindsay Lohan marked the end of the “boho” look.

The upside of this: those expensive cowboy boots you splurged on last fall are still being shown, only with this softer look. The boots are now being shown with a rounder toe and in softer colors. Update boots for spring with floral dresses and pastels.

Lace and Ruffles

Lace and ruffles are still very big this spring, adorning everything from collars to the bottom of footless tights. This look compliments the Prairie style and is great for dressing up. But this year’s styles are more womanly than little-girlish, so keep the rest of your outfit simple and streamlined.

Bubble Dress or Skirt

Last spring we saw a lot of long peasant skirts. This season the hemline is inching up a bit, and is usually finished with a bubble cut, also called a “tulip skirt,” with gathered hemlines hitting either just above or just below the knee.

Backless Attire

There’s no better way to keep cool this spring than with a backless top. Shown on dresses and shirts, the backless look is not only practical but also seductive. This look also works well when paired with a tank underneath to add another color to the outfit.