Two orgs appeal for funds


The Student Government Association unanimously approved $4,389.55 in appeals for the Communication, Politics, and Law Association (CPLA) and Emerson Comedy Workshop on Tuesday.

CPLA Treasurer Erin Goodyear requested $3,831.55 for the organization’s annual trip to Washington, D.C. According to Goodyear, the money will cover the travel, hotel, and food expenses of the 12 students going on the trip. 

“Because this is an election year, we want to make the most of our time in D.C.,” said Goodyear. “That’s why we’re going in the fall, so we can go to [the] Senate and see all the crazy politicking that’s happening.”

Class of 2013 Senator Tobey Zaretsky spoke in favor of the appeal, explaining that the trip will be beneficial for many students. 

“This is kind of a staple of Emerson and CPLA. It’s a really remarkable thing that they get to do,” said Zaretsky. “It’s something that makes the organization better and by proxy makes Emerson better.”

Samantha Evans, vice president of Emerson Comedy Workshop, also made an appeal that afternoon, requesting $558 to bring Christian Capozzoli, an Emerson alumnus, to campus in November to teach about sketch comedy. According to Evans, the workshop would have cost each member of the organization $45 without the money from the appeal.

Christine Hayes, the journalism senator, spoke in favor of the appeal, emphasizing the importance of interaction between students and alumni.

“This comedian invested in the school; he paid tuition, he cares,” said Hayes. “And I think that’s important as far as bridging students and alumni, which I know the school is really focused on.”