Two resign from SGA commissioner positions

At the Student Government Association meeting Tuesday, Joint Session voted to approve the resignations of Regina Lutskiy as the LGBTQ commissioner and Donovan Birch  as the on-campus commissioner. 

The resignations of the two members mean that out of the 13 commissioner positions on SGA, only four are currently filled. This will dwindle to three in the fall if Tobey Zaretsky — the current greek life commissioner — is elected as the class of 2013 senator.

Commissioners are appointed by SGA members and approved by a two-thirds majority vote. 

In her resignation letter, Lutskiy, a marketing communication junior, explained that although there are only four weeks left, in the school year, she can no longer attend commissioner meetings and feels she should continue to fill the seat.

“I will still represent my constituents as EAGLE vice president this year and as one of the co-presidents next year,” she said.

The other commissioner to step down, Birch, a political communication freshman, ran for class of 2015 president at the end of the fall semester.

He was elected as a commissioner in October of the fall semester, but according to his resignation letter, is no longer able to fulfill the duties of the position. 

“Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I will not be able to continue on as on-campus housing commissioner for the duration of the year,” said Birch.