What#039;s Your Point?

bShould the administration reverse their prior decision to deny Professors House and Desir tenure?/b

“[They administration] probably should…they’re both great teachers, especially Desir. I had him for two semesters of cinematography, which is my major, and I’m glad I had him for a full year.” i-Steve Donovan, senior cinematography major/i

“I really don’t know enough about it.” i-Tucker Johnson, sophomore theatre studies majori

“I don’t know the professors personally, but based on previous information in iThe Beacon/i it seems that they were denied tenure unfairly. If that is the case, the decision should be reversed. Both professors were backed by students and other faculty in their quest for tenure, which makes it seem that they had everything together to receive it.” i-Louise Albano-Hurley, sophomore writing, literature and publishing major/i

“I don’t think Emerson would discriminate knowingly against any of its professors.” i-Jeff Kulig, sophomore visual and media arts major/i

“I do not know what motivations the administration had in denying Prof. House tenure. I hope racism had nothing to do with it, but I am not in a position to know. What I can say is that Emerson College will be a lesser school without Prof. House and, in my view, denying him tenure was a big mistake.” i-Michael Corcoran, political communication, Class of 2007, former /iBeaconi co-opinion editor/i

bDoes Dean Ludman’s new “medical amnesty” policy send students the right or wrong message?/b

“I think it’s good, because I don’t think most people are drinking for the purpose of having to get their stomach pumped. And secondly, nothing really needs to promote drinking if people are just going to do it regardless. It’s good they changed the ruling before somebody got seriously hurt because of the original policy.” i-Ryan McGowan, sophomore studio television major/i

“I do think this new policy does promote underage drinking, for obvious reasons. It provides an easy out for those who drink too much. But I believe it’s a good policy as it helps to keep the students safer.” i-Samuel Tang, freshman writing, literature and publishing major/i

“I think that it’s better to make sure students get medical help if they need it instead of being afraid of getting busted for drugs or alcohol. By the time we get to the college age, we’re either going to drink or not drink so it’s not really encouraging students to drink, just to get some help if they are really in need of it.” i-Hannah Wicklein, junior writing, literature and publishing major/i

“I think you should get help and I mean I do not think you need to get in trouble to learn your lesson.” i-Emily Solomon, sophomore writing, literature and publishing major/i