What#039;s Your Point: How is the poor economy affecting your spring break plans?

“It’s really affecting my spring break. I was supposed to go on vacation with my family, but because of the economy, it’s not in our budget. I’m spending it home now.” i-Lauren Kelly, sophomore marketing communication/i

“My plans are still intact. My W-2 went through, and now I have money for new tattoos.” i-Steven Swyryt, freshman political communication/i

“I wanted to go home both for spring break and the weekend after, but I can’t. It’s too much money to fly back twice.” i-Jen Ackerman, freshman stage management/i

“Hopefully, I’m going to be working. Of course there’s the question of how much work there is to be had.” i-Helen McCarthy, sophomore design technology/i

“My plans were to nap. I still fully plan to do that.” i-Liz Zevin, sophomore design tech/i

“Not really. I’m going home for spring break, and we booked the ticket way in advance.” i-Jeremy Sutheim, freshman writing for film and TV/i