Where are the women at? Emerson.

By Matt Murray, Senior Audio majo

Recently The Beacon has featured many articles about diversity (or lack thereof) at Emerson College.

Is this the fault of Admission for not accepting more minority students? Or is financial aid to blame for not making college more affordable? How should we encourage minority students to apply to our institution of higher learning? More financial aid? Tuition breaks?

Let’s pause a moment. All of these accusations imply that there is something wrong with the make-up of the student body. Is there? In my fourth and final year at Emerson, I’ve noticed more hot chicks here than ever before.

Seriously, way more.

My freshman year, there were some hot chicks, but a paltry amount comparable to your average institute of higher learning. Now, there are a lot of hot chicks.

From 80 to 150 Boylston, there is a constant stream of fresh-faced beauties. If we can continue to bring in hot chicks at this impressive rate, we may one day hope to rival the babe ratio of Southern state schools. Imagine that? Girls Gone Wild: Emerson College.

We’ll hit up all of Emerson’s wildest bars: Sweetwater! The Tam! Rock Bottom! Come watch these indie girls put down their Starbucks and bare it all! Or maybe I’m a dreamer.

In summation, let’s not criticize the institution. Let’s applaud it! Nothing puts butts in the seats like other, hotter, butts. The goddesses of Emerson are bettering the student body more than any other party. Thanks to them, Emerson College is looking better than ever before.