Whether you#039;re a culinary connoisseur or a frugal foodie, Rani has comfort food to titillate your taste buds

Sitar strings hum in the background of a wide-open dining room adorned with rich gold, orange and pink accents and traditional Indian artwork.

Also rich is the cuisine at this contemporary and unique restaurant. Luckily, you won’t have to be loaded to enjoy its gems.

Welcome to Rani Indian Bistro in Coolidge Corner. If the red and gold sign doesn’t draw your eye, the fragrant spices will certainly draw your nose.

Rani is known for its Hyderabadi style of cuisine, a unique blend of Northern and Southern Indian food originating from Hyderabad, the “Pearl City” of India.

Hyderabadi cuisine is known for slow cooking that brings out pungent sweet and sour flavors.

If you’ve never tried Indian food, Rani is a great place to start with a wide variety of flavors and entrees.

Though its menu is typically meat heavy, Rani features food for all diets and wallet sizes. Most dishes, including one of its most popular, Mirchi ka Salan, run around $12. This dish is a spicy one and contains peanuts, so watch your taste buds.

For a different approach, the Mutter Paneer or Aloo Mutter is a vegetarian curry. Green peas simmered with homemade cheese (or potato) and a mild curry sauce completes this sweet and spicy dish ($11.50).

Other dishes include the Gobi Tai Taki, a chicken and yellow curry dish with cauliflower, tomatoes, peppers and onions.

The Gobi is not as heavy as many of the curry dishes featured on the menu. Most of the entr