Wild turkey struts stuff downtown

ty Place Plaza Tuesday morning due to the presence of a distraught wild turkey outside the Stuart Street entrance. At 6:15 a.m. baristas at the City Place Starbucks spotted what was either a genetically altered starling or Ben Franklin’s favorite bird. The turkey-evidently lost-frantically ran back and forth along the side of the building between the entrance of Starbucks and the front of the food court.

Baristas and patrons inside the Starbucks gathered around the windows to observe the bird while puzzled people outdoors tried to maneuver a way to get into the building without intersecting path of the fowl.

When questioned, not so much as a “Gobble gobble” escaped from the panicky poultry. The small-brained bird was pacing, as if trapped, instead of running away from the crowd. A few hours later, another iBeacon/i staffer saw the turkey scampering around Beacon Hill.