With no Patriots, ads dominate Super Bowl XL

staff), you watched the Super Bowl, if at all, for the commercials.

Here’s a rundown of the best:

Old Habits Die Hard

Short of skin, animals always seem to find a home in a good amount of Super Bowl commercials.

Careerbuilder.com brought out the standby simian, the chimp, for an enjoyable series of spots portraying the primates as the coworkers from hell; for diversity, jackasses make an appearance too. In a slightly more disturbing spot, a hamster pitched his playbook on the football field to an inert Ronald McDonald.

The best 30 seconds of the night, however, took viewers back to prehistoric times for FedEx’s dinosaur shipping system.

The clever commercial was filled with last second eating and stomping made self-aware by acknowledging the anachronism of airmail.

Get Back in the Kitchen

As any sports fan knows, a woman’s place during the game is in the kitchen, dutifully schlepping out beers and potato skins to her husband and his 15 drunkenly belligerent friends.

In the same misogynistic spirit, corporate America saluted women in sports with a batch of typically ignorant ads.

The “GoDaddy” domain name spot, featuring the self-destructive strap of a scantily clad model, was too clich