Women#039;s lacrosse team drops Lasell in comeback

After giving up four unanswered goals to Lasell College and with about 20 minutes left in the game, the women’s lacrosse team needed to collect themselves. The Lions called a timeout near the end of the March 25 game, huddling with their coaches for a pep talk.

“That is a huge feat to overcome,” said junior broadcast journalism major Meghan Robinson.

Twenty minutes and an incredible eight-goal run later, the women in purple came out the victors. The comeback, co-captain Robinson said, was just another mark of the team’s top to bottom solidarity.

“I think that just shows a lot about the character of our team,” she said. “You could be beating us and have the momentum in your favor, but we won’t stop playing until the clock hits zero.”

Now, after pummeling Saint Joseph’s College and Pine Major College, the Lions hold an early but perfect 3-0 record in the GNAC.

“If I [was the competition and] saw a team with a comeback win like ours I would be a little worried,” said Robinson.

Freshman attacker Amy Gervis agreed, saying that their record fortifies them with confidence.

“It’s a great feeling to be able to play your heart out against a good team and come away with a win,” the freshman communication disorders major said.

When the defense is getting beat or the fast breaks aren’t working as planned, players said there is only so much a coach can say or do, and it is up to the team to pull through.

Luckily the Lions have proved to themselves and their coaches they are capable of taking care of business.

“The bottom line is that they have to figure it out for themselves,” said first-year Head Co-Coach Katie Shannon. “It shows a great team if they can do it themselves on the field and they can and have been able to do it.”

The Lions’ ability to take direction well and apply what they learn at practice has shown their strength as a unit. From here the Lions are focusing on the games ahead, specifically their last and most anticipated game against Norwich College.

“In practice and in games we further what we need to do against Norwich,” said Shannon. The Lions are preparing to have a different outcome this year when they face off against Norwich.

Grueling conditioning workouts at the start of the season whipped the team into shape. They have kept up this conditioning at practice, playing seven vs. seven and running sprints along with a variety of drills to polish their skills.

Shannon said she believes the women can improve on their subtle attacks by staying patient and holding back before shooting. She also believes they can improve on transitioning the ball from the goalie to the offensive end.

“On the attack end of the game we are becoming much more controlled and composed,” said sophomore co-captain Maeghan Ross. “We are learning to settle it down and make smart decisions that lead to goals. Defensively we are getting better on sliding and communicating with one another.”

With no seniors and only one junior, the team is very young, but has the double benefit of a playing style that is beyond their years coupled with years ahead left to grow.

“The selflessness of all the players has built up a positive team chemistry that helps to improve their game. The teammates respect one another and work together to grow individually and as a team,” said Ross, a journalism major.

The team looks forward to staying dominant for their games to come and shocking Norwich with a win on their field to finish the off the season.

“Everything we are doing now is to prepare for the Norwich game,” said Robinson. “The team that wants it more will win and I don’t know if Norwich could want it more then us.”