Claire Rosinkranz sells out Paradise Rock Club

By Clara Faulkner, Operations Managing Editor

Rising artists emerge on TikTok every day, but only a handful break into the larger music scene and are given a chance to leave their impact on the industry. American singer-songwriter Claire Rosinkranz is one such musician who found fame on social media after combining rock, pop, and soul to create an idiosyncratic sound.

Rosinkranz, just 19 years old, sold out Boston’s Paradise Rock Club on Feb. 8 after promising a night of unique sounds and crowd favorites. She started making music with her father at 8 years old then turned to social media at about 16, sharing her musical journey and snippets of her music. By 2020, she amassed over 600k followers and was considered one of the most popular musicians on TikTok, using her platform to influence millions worldwide through creating music in her own home.

Fans immediately gravitated toward her distinct pop sound when she released her breakout hit, “Backyard Boy,” which garnered over 10 million views in a week. Rosinkranz stands out from the rest by breaking away from traditional industry standards.

Following the release of her hit single, Rosinkranz’s first EP was released in 2020, titled “BeVerly Hills BoYfRiEnd.”

The meteoric rise of her EP and “Backyard Boy” propelled the superstar to a level of stardom that most musicians can only dream of, as her songs “Frankenstein” and “Don’t Miss Me” topped streaming charts around the world. Her performance had the infectious charm and positive spirit of a sleepover dance party.

This combination of catchy pop hooks and self-made production appealed to her audience. Rosinkranz features flashing neon lights and an abundance of beachy electric guitar riffs.

She brought a tangible energy to the Paradise Rock Club stage, conveying her own vision of “free-spirited femininity.” The popstar makes music that feels like dancing in a flower field, celebrating life. The combination of Rosinkranz’s artistry and vibrant energy was electrifying and made for a night that no one in the audience would soon forget. The show opened with boy band Dwellers and soul singer Mehro. The crowd went wild for the openers, knowing tracks like “Blue Spirits” and “Chance With You.”

Fans of the songwriter danced all night and felt as if they had been transported to a beach. Rosinkranz’s show was a refreshing break from the monotony of winter as hours prior to the show, fans waited outside in the cold, bundling up with their jackets. 

When the show started, she began singing about Hawaii and falling in love at the beach. Rosinkranz’s contagious enthusiasm for life and music lifted the crowd’s spirits, creating a joyful atmosphere filled with excitement and happiness. 

She played her hits such as “Frankenstein” and “Hotel” after opening with “Backyard Boy,”  upbeat tracks focusing on fun in adolescence and romantic upbringings. The audience enthusiastically sang, “Looking super fly in your corduroy,” so loud it was challenging to hear her voice over the loudspeakers. Despite this, Rosinkranz’s powerful vocals, captivating lyrics, and mesmerizing melodies echoed through the venue. 

The audience seemed to forget their worries and troubles as they moved to the rhythm, dancing and singing in unison. This unison came into full effect during the last song of the night, “Pretty Little Things,” a poignant guitar ballad. While listening to the song with meaningful lyrics about the human experience, “All these pretty little things in life we have to learn to ignore,” the audience rose up and swayed their phone flashlights to the tempo.

Wednesday night’s concert captured Rosinkranz’s audience and brought them together in a way that only music can. The warm yellow glow, twinkling with the beat of the music, illuminated the room and brought magic into the venue’s air. 

The rollercoaster of magic throughout the night ended, and it became evident what a star Rosinkranz is becoming throughout the music industry. Every song Rosinkranz sang was a vibrant display of talent, ranging from upbeat pop anthems to an intimate, mesmerizing ballads. 

After teasing a new upcoming album and tour, during which she hoped to make a visit to the city, she departed the crowd, leaving Boston eagerly awaiting her return.