Dining Center removes major allergens from Pure Station


Beacon Archive.

By Cynthia Tu

Bon Appétit removed the eight major allergens from one station in the Dining Center to accommodate students with food allergies, according to Dawn Sajdyk, the general manager for Bon Appétit Emerson.

The Pure Station located on the first floor, also known as the vegan station, no longer serves food containing peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, wheat, eggs, milk, or soy.

The Dining Center made the change two to three weeks after the semester started after vegetarian students voiced the request, according to Sajdyk.

“One good thing about the Pure Station is it has its own kitchen,” Sajdyk said.

Sajdyk said the separate food preparation section made it possible to prevent cross-contamination effectively. Bon Appétit also removed desserts containing gluten from the Pure Station, but the rest of the menu will stay the same.

The Dining Center also works with students individually to meet special dietary needs. Sajdyk said students with multiple allergies can contact an on-site chef or manager to develop individual plans to ensure their safety.

While getting food from the Pure Station, freshman Karthik Ramaswami said seeing the change made him happy.

“I am a vegan,” Ramaswami said. “I’m glad that the DH provides various options for students.”