ECSU and S3 demonstrate during annual “Picture Yourself at Emerson” event


Photo Courtesy of ECSU

By Belen Dumont, News Editor

Emerson College Student Union and Students Supporting Survivors coordinated an on-campus demonstration Saturday morning, passing out flyers to accepted students at the college’s annual “Picture Yourself at Emerson” event.

The two campus organizations partnered together, according to S3’s website, to greet potential members of the incoming class of 2024 and “provide all the information we can about campus-wide issues that affect us and will affect you if you choose to go here.” . 

ECSU wrote in a statement on their website that they passed out informative flyers regarding tuition and financial aid at the college and invited students to schedule one-on-one meetings with current members. S3 gave out their own flyers relating to Emerson’s Title IX department and policies. 

“We organized our presence around the simple fact that every student deserves to know all of the financial facts when they make a college decision,” the statement reads. “We do not aim to discourage students from attending Emerson—we just want to give them crucial financial planning information that they college neglects to mention on its ‘Facts and Figures’ page.” 

ECSU also tweeted a series of personal student accounts of financial struggles Saturday morning, which they attributed to recent tuition increases, in an effort to help incoming students “picture themselves paying tuition at Emerson College.” 

The college’s media relations department could not immediately be reached for comment.