FAB approves request to bring “The Haze” to campus


FAB Reviews the proposal to bring “The Haze” to campus. Photo by Andrew Brinker / Beacon Staff

By Andrew Brinker, Senior Investigative Reporter

The Financial Advisory Board unanimously approved an appeals request from the class of 2021 on Wednesday that will bring “The Haze,” a one-woman production about survivors of sexual assault, to the college. 

Class of 2021 President Arasha Lalani wrote the request which totaled $4,000 and included the cost of airfare, a hotel stay, and a performance fee. The performer, Heather Marlowe, typically charges $5,000. 

As outlined in the request, the show is being brought to campus in response to student concern at the handling of Title IX investigations at the college last semester.

“The Emerson community deserves to feel safe at their home away from home,” it reads. “Sexual assault is not a light topic, and it should be handled with care. This event is an opportunity to present this issue through the voice of a survivor, and it is for survivors.” 

The show is currently scheduled to be held in the Emerson Cabaret Theater and will be free to students. However, in approving the request, FAB added a stipulation that would provide more funding if the show can be switched to the Jackie Liebergott Black Box Theatre in Emerson’s Paramount Center, as the location is closer to campus.

The only two voting members at Wednesday’s meeting, Executive Vice President Will Palauskas and class of 2020 senator Karla Brady, both voted to approve the request.

“I think this is going to be a very important piece that every member of the Emerson community should have the chance to see,” said Palauskas. “And the fact that it’s free makes it really accessible to students.”