Faculty recognized and honored at award ceremony


Faculty were presented with awards during their monthly meeting. Chris Van Buskirk / Beacon Staff

By Chris Van Buskirk

The Faculty Assembly recognized and honored members of the Emerson community at its first meeting of the year on Tuesday.

About a dozen faculty members received departmental awards and recognition for their accomplishments over the past year. While several others were acknowledged for their years of service to the college, some faculty members celebrated retirement. Department chairs and faculty introduced each award recipient with endearing speeches and anecdotes.

The Office of Academic Affairs and the Spirit of Emerson Committee hosted the award ceremony.

“This has been a difficult opening for us this year and nevertheless it’s wonderful for us to come together,” President M. Lee Pelton said at the beginning of the ceremony.

Prior to the awards ceremony, Faculty Assembly Chair Tim Riley called for a vote and passed an amendment to section 8.1 of the Faculty Handbook.

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The amendment adds section 8.1.1 to determine the goals and functions of the advising and mentoring teachers provide students. In short, the passage defines advising as supporting students’ development and helping them thrive as part of the Emerson community.