First-year student wanders LB in Scooby Doo costume to ‘spread love’


Lucia Thorne

Scooby Doo in all his glory

By Lucia Thorne

To the surprise of many, residents of the Little Building earlier this week were graced by the presence of everyone’s favorite mystery-solving canine, Scooby Doo.

Scooby, a student who requested to remain anonymous, said he roamed the halls of LB Monday night to “spread love and joy” throughout the dorms, but this visit was not the original plan. According to Scooby himself, a small misunderstanding was where his journey began.

“A bunch of people on the 11th floor of LB were really into Scooby Doo, and so they were doing a shaggy dress up on Wednesday of orientation night,” Scooby said in an interview with Beacon. “The next week, I thought they were gonna do another dress up day so I got the Scooby costume. I show up and they weren’t doing it so I thought, ‘Why waste the costume?’”

Scooby then made his first appearance in-character on Sept. 2, but his most recent LB rendezvous gained more attention. Several students shared their thoughts to the Emerson Missed Connections 2.0 Instagram account.

“To whoever we saw up in the 4th floor common room in a Scooby Doo costume from the third floor, may I have your hand in marriage?” one post read.

The same day his fans’ comments were shared on Instagram, Scooby said an imposter student claimed to be Scooby. Fraud was not something Scooby could let slide, he said, so he created an official Scooby Doo at Emerson Instagram account the next day.

“I created an account and it gained about 120 followers in a day,” Scooby said. “I’m hoping to continue the trend and I’ve decided to expand the brand ‘Scooby Doo at Emerson.’”

To do this, Scooby plans on holding meet and greets, creating a TikTok account, and starting a Youtube channel. Scooby said he is in the early stages of expanding his brand, but in the future he hopes to donate any proceeds he raises to charity.

First-year student Liza Ovsiannikov said she appreciated seeing Scooby in LB as she felt this embodies the traditional college experience.

“My friends and I were very excited to see him,” Ovsiannikov said in a phone interview. “We were like, ‘Oh my god, it’s Scooby,’ I enjoyed it. It’s a good way to forget.”

Even though many were not lucky enough to see Scooby in person, his Instagram account brings just as much happiness to his fans.

Hayden Scoplitte, another first year, was among the majority who missed Scooby’s visit, but she said she gets her Scooby-fix through the account.

“Honestly, I think it’s one of the most exciting things to happen to Emerson,” Scoplitte said in a phone interview.

Scooby said he will likely be making an appearance about once a week, mainly on the weekends. Students can follow Scooby’s Instagram account for more updates on his future hijinks and meet and greets.