Incident Journal: Man barricaded in W Hotel, multiple student guest violations


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An ECPD patrol vehicle.

The Emerson College Police Department provides the Incident Journal to The Beacon every week. Beacon staff edit the Incident Journal for style and clarity, but not for content.

Monday, October 26

ECPD helped a student report a theft to Boston Police that occurred off campus earlier in the day. BPD is investigating the incident. 

Tuesday, October 27 

A student  reported being pushed by an unidentified suspect while walking on a public sidewalk near campus. ECPD conducted a search of the area, but was unable to locate the suspect.

Wednesday, October 28

ECPD responded to the W Hotel to assist OHRE staff with a reported overnight guest violation. ECPD & OHRE staff were able to locate two Emerson students in violation of the policy. Both students were referred to Community Standards & Student Conduct for discipline.

Friday, October 30

ECPD and OHRE responded to an incident in the 2 Boylston Place residence hall involving a student with edible cannabis. The incident was referred to Community Standards & Student Conduct for discipline.

ECPD was asked to investigate a guest violation that occurred that day between 1:18a.m. and 2:52a.m. at the W Hotel. An Emerson student was identified in relation to the incident.

Monday, November 2

ECPD responded to a report of property damage at 172 Tremont Street. An exterior ground floor window on the northwest corner of the building was damaged. The instrument that caused the damage was identified, but ECPD could not identify a suspect.

Tuesday, November 3

ECPD and Facilities staff responded to the second floor of the Little Building for a report of four Emerson College students in elevator number one that stopped between floors one and two. An elevator technician was able to assist the students from the elevator without injury.  

Thursday, November 5

ECPD learned of an incident on the 14th floor of the W Hotel involving a non-Emerson guest being investigated by Boston Police. Later that night, ECPD learned BPD had blocked pedestrian and motor vehicle access to the area by the hotel. During the incident, ECPD sent advisories informing community members about the incident and advised students to stay away from the area until the situation concluded. As the situation developed further, ECPD positioned an officer in the lobby of the W to assist community members as needed.

Friday, November 13

ECPD learned of a disturbing telephone call to undergraduate admissions. An unidentified caller made political statements and threatened to commit a crime. There were no additional calls after that day. The caller could not be identified.

Sunday, November 15

A student reported their bicycle stolen from a public city sidewalk adjacent to campus. ECPD confirmed that an unidentified male suspect cut the student’s bicycle lock and took the bicycle at approximately 1:22p.m. ECPD was unable to recover the bicycle.