Letter: Abigail Semple advocates community members to donate to the college’s endowment


By Letter to the editor

Abigail Semple is the executive treasurer for the Emerson College Student Government Association.

To the editor:

At Emerson College, we have a problem. We are a mid-sized private college with a relatively small endowment. Currently, our endowment funds scholarships, financial aid packages and a significant portion of our on-campus resources. Every year, more mid-sized institutions like ours, find themselves caught between the rock of merging with larger universities and the hard place dissolving entirely. For Emerson College to avoid a similar fate, WE, as the student body and soon to be alumni, should take this issue into our own hands. By contributing to Emerson’s endowment, where even a spare 5 dollars can be a meaningful contribution, we are making Emerson a better place. So, if you are capable of giving, you should consider giving back to Emerson, as an investment in yourself, future students and Emerson’s legacy.

By contributing to our endowment, we are empowering the student body that succeeds us to achieve their dreams. I want to leave Emerson College in a better place than I found it, and I know I’m not the only student who feels this way. I want the diploma I am working towards every day to grow in value. By contributing what you can, when you can, then maybe, just maybe we will be able to avoid being trapped between that rock and a hard place.

If you are interested in making a contribution go to giving.emerson.edu, for more information go to https://www.emerson.edu/support-emerson.