Letter From The Editor


Courtesy Shelley Parish Photography

By Campbell Parish, Operations Managing Editor and Magazine Editor

Mental health. We need to talk about it.

It’s a topic that has been considered taboo for ages and opening up about one’s mental state can be an emotionally draining subject for those struggling. 

The stigmatization of mental health, both in the past and present, is a big contributor to how difficult it is to speak about However, it is an incredibly important discussion to have.  

Speaking up is not only crucial to ending the stigma surrounding mental health, it can also help those struggling to seek help and know they aren’t alone.

Suicide Prevention Month inspired this, the first edition of The Beacon Magazine this semester, which focuses on the taboo topic by sharing the stories of many Emerson students and providing available resources for those struggling—which you can find on the back cover. For more campus based resources, check out EmConnect. 

With this edition we really wanted to emphasize that you are not alone. Mental health doesn’t have to be something we are afraid or ashamed to talk about; rather it should be something we have a normal, healthy discourse about. If one person picks up this edition and learns about a resource that helps them, we have accomplished our goal.

The cover story, written by Mariyam Quaisar, is a powerful and essential two-part story discussing the mentally draining experience of being a person of color growing up in a predominantly white area, and attending a predominantly white college like Emerson. The first part of this story follows Mariyam’s personal struggles while growing up as a person of color surrounded by white people. The second is co-written by both Mariyam and Campbell, where we spoke to BIPOC students at Emerson and their experiences being at a predominantly white institution and the effects it has had on their mental health.

We want to thank each source who took the time out of their day to talk with us about their experiences. The second part of the article couldn’t have been completed without your words and stories. Thank you for trusting both Mariyam and I with your words and stories. 

The remaining story in this edition is written by Kaitlyn Fehr. Kaitlyn writes a soul-bearing piece about the immense grief she faced when she lost two family members to suicide and why she is allowing herself to be angry at them for taking their own lives. 

In this note, We share these stories along with their descriptions to allow you to self-evaluate your mental state before reading further and stress the importance of taking care of yourself after you read these stories. Self-care isn’t always bubble baths or facemasks–it can be checking in with yourself; reaching out to your support system, going on a walk, seeking professional help. 

If you feel you are in crisis or need professional assistance, please look on the back cover for information regarding mental health resources. 

Thank you so much for reading this edition. We are incredibly proud of our work and grateful to all of the people who shared their stories. Although I’m the one writing this letter, there is no way this edition could’ve happened without so many people. A special thanks to Jacob Ireland, Kaitlyn Fehr, Lucia Thorne, and Mariyam Quaisar for all of their hard work. I appreciate you all immensely! If you want to get involved, email [email protected]!  

Be kind to yourself, 

Campbell Parish