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Latest from Campbell Parish

CHVRCHES & Cafuné perform at Roadrunner to wrap up the summer

August 22, 2022

Cafuné is a band featuring Sedona & Noah, who opened for CHVRCHES for 16 tour dates. Boston was the fifth city on their leg of the tour. Their energic nature made them the perfect opener for a...

Boston Marathon runners rehydrate after finishing the race.

[Photo] ‘Boston is not a marathon to be trifled with’: 30,000 flocked to Monday’s race

April 21, 2022

Boston Marathon runners rehydrate after finishing the race.

Emerson Dance Companys Revival show. Photo: Campbell Parish

The EDC show this weekend made audiences want to start dancing

April 14, 2022

Emerson Dance Company left audience members impressed yet again last weekend.  EDC held a showcase titled "Revival" on April 9 and 10 in the Semel Theater. The Semel’s round stage allows everyone...

Photo: Campbell Parish

Chelsea Cutler made 15-year-old me very happy this past weekend

March 30, 2022

15-year-old-me was singing about heartbreak and falling in love before I even had my first kiss. I was blasting Chelsea Cutler's music ever since her first single "Your Shirt" came out in 2017. Needless...

Internet trolls rejoice, Trisha Paytas is pregnant

Internet trolls rejoice, Trisha Paytas is pregnant

February 28, 2022

Social media exploded with the news of the YouTube star’s pregnancy on Monday, and opinions could not be more divided. In the aftermath of the announcement, one consensus rings true: we all need to live...

Jan. Letter From the Editor

Jan. Letter From the Editor

February 4, 2022

After a long year filled with jaw-dropping events and unforgettable memories, it’s now time to ring in 2022. In honor of New Year’s, the theme of our January edition of The Beacon Magazine is New year,...

Don’t stuff your animals; team anti taxidermy

Don’t stuff your animals; team anti taxidermy

November 18, 2021

Don’t taxidermy your precious pet. After all, there's a reason why the vet doesn't tell you you’ll get your pet back in good shape if it dies. As I scroll through TikTok, I look at the curated videos...

Jonathon Graziano 13 and his pug, Noodle.

‘Bones day’ or ‘No Bones day’: Emerson alum, pug achieve TikTok fame

November 4, 2021

Forget horoscopes or weather forecasts, there’s a new way to figure out what kind of day you’re going to have—Noodle, a 13-year-old pug.  Thanks to Jonathon Graziano ‘13, a former marketing...

Courtesy Shelley Parish Photography

Letter From The Editor

October 11, 2021

Mental health. We need to talk about it. It’s a topic that has been considered taboo for ages and opening up about one’s mental state can be an emotionally draining subject for those struggling.  The...

Jacqueline Novak performing her stand-up show, Get On Your Knees.

‘Get On Your Knees’ will have you standing on your feet

September 23, 2021

After 18 months of not attending in-person performances, I'm glad that Jaqueline Novak was the one who welcomed me back for my first in-person show.  "Get On Your Knees," Novak’s one-woman show was...

Jacqueline Novak performing her stand-up show, Get On Your Knees.

‘To me, the blowjob as a concept is kind of just really fascinating’: Jacqueline Novak’s one woman stand-up show is back

September 9, 2021

After the pandemic forced the cancelation of her previous tour, Jacqueline Novak’s "Get on Your Knees" tour is back, bringing much-needed laughs and giggles about a surprising topic—blowjobs.  Her...

Actress Trinitee Stokes, who is set to become the youngest student at Emerson at just 15, met with former President Lee Pelton when she visited the college.

15-year-old ‘Mixed-ish’ actress Trinitee Stokes becomes Emerson’s youngest student

June 25, 2021

At just 15 years old, actress Trinitee Stokes is set to make history as the youngest student ever to attend Emerson.  Stokes, who starred in TV shows “K.C. Undercover” and “Mixed-Ish” plans...

Three weed dealers––Jamie, Alex, and John––who spoke with The Beacon on the condition of anonymity, discussed their life as dealers on campus and how it impacts their customers.

Let’s Be Really Blunt: Student dealers on what it’s like being “The Plug”

May 1, 2021

College students, often overwhelmed by the pressures of schoolwork, social life, and on-campus extracurricular commitments, not to mention jobs, have increasingly turned to weed as an outlet for their...

‘Rootlines,’ a poetry collection hits shelves this week

‘Rootlines,’ a poetry collection hits shelves this week

April 22, 2021

Senior creative writing major Kelsey Day Marlett explores her relationship with society and nature in her new poetry collection Rootlines, which was released on April 21.  “Humans have always been...

Kelsey Day Marlett

Senior Kelsey Day Marlett works with her literary hero, Toni Bee on poetry workshop that brings people together

April 14, 2021

Kelsey Day Marlett, a senior creative writing major, went from publishing her first book at 11 years old to co-teaching a poetry workshop, Visible and Visibility, with one of her literary heroes, Toni...

Let it Sing: A Cabaret of Color

Third annual ‘Cabaret of Color’ highlights BIPOC performers

April 1, 2021

The pandemic may have halted live stage productions, but it can’t stop the Musical Theatre Society’s third annual Cabaret of Color from showcasing Emerson’s BIPOC student talent.  Created by...

The Instagram account @EmersonBathroomReviews is the brainchild of a first-year student who wanted to jump onto the Emerson Instagram bandwagon. The account aims to “ensuring all lions know where to find relief.”

Emerson students looking out for peers with bathroom rating Instagram account

March 31, 2021

Emerson students are finding unique ways to bring comedy to campus, and some are crappier than others. @EmersonBathroomReviews on Instagram is giving blunt reviews on the ambiance of numerous campus restrooms.  The...

Stupid Jupiter Jewelry becomes fashion trend donned across campus

Stupid Jupiter Jewelry becomes fashion trend donned across campus

March 24, 2021

Thanks to first-year Christina Casper’s handmade jewelry business, Stupid Jupiter Jewelry, brightly-colored floral necklaces are creating a sense of community among students on the Boston campus.  Casper,...

Floor Wars flyer and drop-off area on 13th floor of Little Building

Emerson Flows helps combat period poverty one pad at a time

March 11, 2021

Student organization Emerson Flows launched a menstrual product drive on Monday, aiming to encourage community members to get involved with menstrual advocacy.  The organization, which works to help...

Need a distraction? Here are some of the best true crime podcasts to listen to

Need a distraction? Here are some of the best true crime podcasts to listen to

February 28, 2021

CONTENT WARNING: This article contains disturbing language and mentions of homicide Podcasts have been my go-to outlet to distract me from what's going on in the world around me. Especially with a pandemic...

Alex Marzano-Lesnevich, Author of The Fact of a Body

Emerson alumni team up to adapt “The Fact of a Body” for HBO series

February 10, 2021

CONTENT WARNING: This article contains mention of sexual violence and murder. Alum and writer Alex Marzano-Lesnevich’s ‘09 book The Fact of a Body has been picked up by fellow alum Jermaiah Zagar...

The main entrance of the Boston Public Library.

Boston Public Library expands anti-racism collection and virtual accessibility

January 27, 2021

An anonymous donation of $75,000 helped extend the Boston Public Library’s collection of anti-racist materials. They saw a 500 percent increase in the circulation of anti-racist titles in the month of...

Student gather in Boston Common every Friday to watch others perform their stand-up comedy routines.

‘Stand-up in the Park’ provides a space for live comedy amid COVID-19

November 12, 2020

As the sun sets in Boston Common, laughter erupts as Emerson students come together for a little bit of entertainment.  “Stand-up in the Park” is an hour-long comedy show that features skits from...

A mural honoring John Lewis was painted on the wall in the Quiet Study room in Piano Row.

Civil Rights leader John Lewis to be honored by new 20-foot-long mural in Piano Row

November 4, 2020

If you take a peek inside Emerson’s Quiet Room on the second floor of Piano Row, a new 20-foot mural in honor of the late Congressman and Civil Rights Movement leader John Lewis stands tall. Emerson...

Zach Kornfeld 12 and Ella Mielniczenko 13, both known for their contributions at Buzzfeed, participated in an EIV panel on Thursday to talk about their career paths in digital content producing.

Buzzfeed trailblazers and alumni discuss digital content producing in EIV Emerson Revisited panel

October 21, 2020

Two Buzzfeed trailblazers and Emerson alumni offered advice to students entering the entertainment industry in an Emerson Revisited panel Thursday.  The panel, featuring Zach Kornfeld ’12 and Ella...

Senior Madison Umina won first place in the Fortune 500 marketing competition sponsored by Clorox.

Senior wins Fortune 500 marketing contest in midst of pandemic

October 8, 2020

After senior Madison Umina’s summer internship was canceled due to the pandemic, the program that hired her created a Fortune 500 marketing competition to take its place. Eventually, the marketing communications...

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