Emerson students looking out for peers with bathroom rating Instagram account


Dylan Rossiter

The Instagram account @EmersonBathroomReviews is the brainchild of a first-year student who wanted to jump onto the Emerson Instagram bandwagon. The account aims to “ensuring all lions know where to find relief.”

By Campbell Parish, Assistant Living Arts Editor

Emerson students are finding unique ways to bring comedy to campus, and some are crappier than others. @EmersonBathroomReviews on Instagram is giving blunt reviews on the ambiance of numerous campus restrooms. 

The Instagram account greets viewers with the goal of “ensuring all lions know where to find relief”. Each post grades the overall facilities Emerson has to offer on three different criteria: atmosphere, functionality, and hygiene, with each post including a plethora of photos of the facility under review. 

The first-year creator of the Instagram account, who requested to remain anonymous, wanted to jump onto the Emerson Instagram bandwagon that many students have already joined. Instagram houses several other Emerson student perspectives such as Emerson Food Reviews. There are also more satirical accounts, including Emerson Truthers, and the Bad News Beacon

The bathroom reviews are blunt, providing a satirical look at the overall condition of bathrooms on campus. The creator of Emerson Bathroom Reviews said they are looking out for students to keep their expectations of the facilities on campus as painless as they can. 

“[Emerson Bathroom Reviews] is a satire in the sense that the concept is just ridiculous in and of itself,” the creator of the account said. “These are genuine critiques on the Emerson bathroom experience. I am putting the effort in to really try to hone in the details about what makes an experience a worthy one in a bathroom and what kind of traits people are looking for when they seek out that experience.”

Most recently, the account reviewed the bathrooms in the Walker Building writing, “Bottom line, this is not an appealing environment. The crimson and yellow wall paint look awful together, and the industrial ceiling lights are as corporate and bland as they come. It’s not a complete and utter eyesore, but it’s not anything great either, so it lands square in the middle.” 

The account’s creator discussed the importance of a motion-sensing sink to accompany the motion-sensing hand dryer, when asked about the ideal bathroom facility. They said not having an automatic toilet flushing system is also a priority, as most of the time, it flushes too early. 

“Given what we tend to pay, I feel like two-ply is something we could all use a raise on. I don’t feel like we are in a two-ply tier community,” the account’s creator said. “I’m not asking for the quilted stuff, that’s too bougie. That’s not even necessary. That makes you feel guilty that you are wasting something when you flush because it’s so luxurious. I think one extra ply, maybe buying it less in bulk wouldn’t hurt.”

The Instagram account has reviewed six bathrooms on campus thus far. 

“I essentially just started out with where I was naturally going on campus,” the account’s creator said in an interview with The Beacon. “I have sort of begun to use the excuse that I can generalize buildings where the bathroom is given a few particular experiences. If I ever feel the need to provide a sequel to a building, then I will do so.”

Emerson Bathroom Reviews is considering opening a student submission form to add more voices to the bathroom review community on campus.