Marlboro College community members scheduled to visit Emerson


Marlboro College community members will make a formal trip to Emerson’s Boston campus Sunday for tours and a show. Madison Goldberg / Beacon Correspondent

By Jacob Seitz, Staff Writer

A group of Marlboro College students and faculty will visit Emerson’s Boston campus tomorrow, marking the first time the two communities will formally meet since the announcement of the proposed Emerson-Marlboro merger on Nov. 7.

According to an email to the Marlboro community, a bus from the Vermont campus will leave around 7:30 a.m. and is expected to arrive in downtown around 10 a.m.

Marlboro College’s Dean of Students Patrick Connelly said during Emerson President M. Lee Pelton’s visit to the Marlboro campus Wednesday that he was expecting about 40 Marlboro community members to attend the visit.

According to the email, the group will arrive and immediately head to the Visitor Center, where there will be two separate tours and discussions—one for students and one for faculty—with Emerson community members.

Marlboro students will then have a luncheon with members of the Emerson community at the Jackie Liebergott Black Box Theater, followed by a performance of An Iliad—an ArtsEmerson theatrical adaption of the Homer epic. The group will then return to Marlboro after the performance.

Since the announcement of the merger on Nov. 7, many questions still remain unanswered from both the Emerson and Marlboro communities.

Marlboro students have voiced concerns over housing accessibility in Boston, how their degree plans will transfer, and how their campus will be used. Students have also requested that the administration set aside money to help them pay for transfer application fees.

As a part of the deal, Emerson will absorb Marlboro’s $30 million endowment—which is expected to be used to pay incoming Marlboro faculty—as well as the Marlboro campus, which is valued at nearly $10 million. Marlboro tenured and tenure-track faculty will also have the option of transferring to Emerson, as will any current Marlboro students who are not graduating in the spring.