Organizations receive anticipated timeline for the move to The Commons


Beacon Archives.

By Rice Foster

Campus Center Director Joshua Hamlin released an anticipated timeline for the move to The Commons with organization leaders at a Nov. 2 forum.

From Nov. 5 to Dec. 19, organizations will go through a review of organizations’ office and storage spaces as well as a clean out of unwanted organization property. They will also have one-on-one meetings with the Campus Center admin. On Jan. 14, organizations will be provided boxes and other packing supplies for the move, and organizations will need to start packing before Feb. 15 according to Hamlin.

“You won’t be responsible for moving your own stuff,” Hamlin said. “But you will be responsible for packing and labels.”

Feb. 15 will be the last bookable date for the current Campus Center spaces. Feb. 18 or Feb. 25 are the anticipated soft opening dates of The Commons when organizations can start moving into their new spaces.

The current Campus Center’s main and L1 floors will be closed on March 2. Organizations will have access to their offices and storage on L1 until the move. The final move to The Commons is between March 4 and March 8. March 11 is the expected official opening date for The Commons.

“We want the space to be your new home,” Hamlin said.