Peter Loge ‘87 receives fourth annual Heart of a Lion award


Athletic Director Pat Nicol (left) stands next to Heart of a Lion award winner Peter Loge ’87 on Saturday, Nov. 2. Domenic Conte / Beacon Staff

By Domenic Conte, Sports Columnist

Emerson Athletics presented former soccer player Peter Loge ‘87 with the 4th annual Heart of the Lion award Saturday evening at the Cathedral Station sports bar and pub. 

“Whatever success I’ve had is because of Emerson College,” Loge said in an interview. “I was a terrible soccer player, but I continued to play the game. A lot of how I’ve learned how to be in the world, how to run teams, organizations, campaigns, comes from how you behave on a soccer field.” 

Loge earned a bachelor’s degree in Speech from Emerson in 1987 before earning master’s degrees at Syracuse University in 1989 and Arizona State University in 1992. 

Loge teaches media and public affairs at George Washington University. His career includes senior advisor positions under Sen. Edward Kennedy and three members of the House of Representatives, and a presidential appointment at the Food and Drug Administration under the Obama administration. His book Soccer Thinking for Management Success: Lessons for Organizations from the World’s Game premiered on Amazon in 2018 as the No. 1 Sports Industry release on the site.

“A well-organized group will be the star anytime,” Loge said. “The lessons from soccer are the lessons I’ve taken to organizations I’ve run or helped run over the years.” 

Athletic Director Pat Nicol said Loge won the award because of his accomplished career and commitment to Emerson.

“He’s a very distinguished alum,” Nicol said in an interview. “He’s very loyal and very supportive of the college in general. We just wanted to acknowledge that and say thank you for his ongoing support to not only our athletes and our program, but to the college in general.”

Nicol said the Heart of a Lion award and reception aims to bring former student-athletes together and recognize alumni success. Loge joins past recipients Tim Neverett ‘88, Lee Stacey ‘76, and Trevor Gooby ‘98. 

“It’s an opportunity to bring back our student-athletes in a very formal setting and say welcome back and thank you for everything you’ve done to help pave the way,” Nicol said.