Positions remain empty as SGA hosts semesterly press night


Freshman senatorial candidate Brady Baca speaks to the crowd at Center Stage Nov. 8. Anissa Gardizy / Beacon Staff

By Diana Bravo, Assistant News Editor

Nine positions could remain without balloted candidates for the Student Government Association fall election following their semesterly press night in Center Stage on Nov. 8.

Seven out of 14 candidates stood in Center Stage to introduce themselves, and the changes they hope to implement. Press night took place during dinner rush, around 6 p.m., which aimed to increase the visibility of the event, according to Executive President Jessica Guida. In previous years, press night occurred in classrooms around campus.

The nine empty positions are:

  • Communication Sciences and Disorders senator
  • Individually Designed Interdisciplinary Program senator
  • Junior class senator
  • Senior class senator
  • Junior class secretary
  • Senior class secretary
  • Freshman class treasurer
  • Sophomore class treasurer
  • Freshman class vice president

The previous fall elections also had multiple empty positions, and many positions remained open after the election. Only two candidates spoke at last fall’s SGA press night, and both candidates won their respective elections. One of the empty positions from that election—senior class senator—is still empty and has no candidates running.   

“We all have opinions and ideas and ways to make Emerson better … but no one is actually showing up in a place where it could make any change at all,” Emma Campbell, a write-in candidate for senior class vice president said.

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Voter turnout for SGA elections has been historically low, according to Guida. Last spring, 265 people voted for Executive Board positions, where the position and voting are open to all students.

Students can still run write-in campaigns by contacting Chief Justice Elizabeth Northey or Elections Chair Christopher Henderson-West. Write-in candidates will not be on the ballot. Write-in candidates must submit a statement of intent, obtain 50 signatures, and have a 2.7 GPA. Students can vote in the upcoming SGA elections on Nov. 14 and 15 on EmConnect.

Three people are running for visual and media arts senator, which is currently an empty position. All candidates want to increase communication between VMA faculty and students.

VMA Candidate Erin Hattamer hopes to help create more niche classes for junior and senior VMA students, such as more costume design and writing classes, as well as improving the availability and state of equipment students have access to.

Her opponent Somari Davis ran on a similar platform.  She sent in a statement detailing her hopes to increase the availability and diversity of classes. She also plans to diversify the faculty in the VMA department, which Hattamer did not mention in her speech.

Samuel Reisman, the third VMA senatorial candidate also spoke at press night. He ran on a platform of serving primarily as a liaison between the VMA students and their faculty.

“Any of the three students running will be more than sufficient to fill the space left by the previous VMA senator—nobody,” Reisman said.