SGA announces non-tuition academic credit for internships


Murphy Robey

SGA members in a meeting.

By Maeve Lawler, Kasteel Well Bureau Chief

Emerson students can now gain a singular non-tuition academic credit for an internship—a joint initiative between the Student Government Association and Career Development Center announced Sept. 22 on EmConnect. 

Starting this semester, Emerson students with an internship can acquire a tuition-free credit by applying for PDE100 (Professional Development Experience). The initiative works to reduce financial obstacles for all students, particularly low-income and international students.

In line with SGA’s mission to foster conversations with departments across campus and advocate for the student body’s needs, SGA’s President Pranit Chand, and Director of Career Services Carol Spector worked to launch this initiative, according to the EmConnect statement.

“Credit-bearing internships have an impact on both low-income students who are disadvantaged by unpaid internships and international students who are required to receive credit in order to work in the United States,” wrote Marinelli. 

In an earlier interview with The Beacon, Chand explained lobbying for academic credit in the absence of financial compensation is important to the student body, and therefore important to SGA.

“The financial burden has been a lot for students, so we tried to initiate this conversation with the administrators about how we could make sure [to give] at least a [free] credit. The administrators have been very receptive to that,” Chand said. 

Chand believes the initiative will open avenues to different career opportunities if students don’t have to worry about the additional financial burden that comes at the cost of an unpaid internship.