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Latest from Frances Hui
When we were newbies at college, we might have encountered mean upperclassmen giving us a hard time or looking down on us. / Illustration by Ally Rzesa

You were a freshman once, too

September 20, 2019

On the first day of classes this year, after I sprinted from the Park Street Station to the Walker Building, I took the stairs to avoid the long line for the elevator. To my right, two students pushed...

Frances Hui - Graphic by Ally Rzesa / Beacon Staff

Person of Color Column: I am from Hong Kong, not China

April 21, 2019

I am from a city owned by a country that I don’t belong to. Britain colonized Hong Kong as a consequence of the Opium War in 1842. While China gave up part of Hong Kong permanently to Britain—the...

Senior Ian Mandt will upload the second episode of his podcast, We Demand, on April 5. Photo by Xinyi Tu - Beacon Correspondent

Senior’s ‘We Demand’ podcast addresses racial discrimination at Emerson

April 4, 2019

Almost halfway through his Podcasts for Change class last semester, senior Ian Mandt asked himself what kind of change he really wanted to make through this medium. Several semesters earlier, Mandt...

Students exceeded their fundraising goal of $12,000 at the 2018 Out of the Darkness walk. Photo courtesy of Emilia Filippone

Third annual Out of the Darkness walk increases fundraising goal

March 13, 2019

Set back by depression and anxiety during his freshman year, junior Ben Nadler found himself struggling with his identity. He said there was a repeated thought in his head telling him, “You are not...

Frances Hui - Graphic by Ally Rzesa / Beacon Staff

Person of Color Column: Do you see my color?

January 30, 2019

I ran into my Foundations of Journalism class late on my first day last semester. As I rushed in, the room went silent, and I flushed with embarrassment. I felt as though people were staring, wondering,...

Graphic by Ally Rzesa

Events on campus: Jan. 20-25

January 20, 2019

Many students and organizations host events at Emerson and broadcast them on EmConnect’s event page and fliers on bulletin boards around campus. The Beacon’s Living Arts section went through the events...

Beacon Archives.

172 Tremont name ‘The Commons’ remains unofficial

November 28, 2018

The Commons at 172 Tremont St. still does not have an official name, according to a college official. “The Commons is a working title that college leaders adopted as a way to describe the purpose...

Coffee and Conversations aims to create a welcoming environment to discuss U.S. politics with both domestic and international students. Frances Hui / Beacon Correspondent

Faculty foster political conversations with domestic and international students

October 31, 2018

The Department of Communication Studies and International Student Affairs kicked off the first of three Coffee and Conversation events to provide a space for discussion of U.S. politics and social issues...

People lined up behind barricades on Wednesday as they wait for the parade to bass through Boylston St. Photo by Chris Van Buskirk / Beacon Staff.

Red Sox parade poses difficulties for off-campus students

October 31, 2018

Off-campus students could face challenges arriving to campus on Wednesday due to the victory parade for the World Series 2018 champions Boston Red Sox. Assistant Director of Off-Campus Student Services...

The artists used a technique called inflated bronze—metal sheets welded together and then inflated—to make Lear’s backdrop look more inviting.  Photo by Abbey Finn / Beacon Correspondent.

Alumnus receives first on-campus statue in Boylston Place Alley

October 10, 2018

The college unveiled a statue of alumnus Norman Lear—the first of its kind on campus—in the Boylston Place Alley on Thursday, Oct. 4. Hundreds of people, including Norman Lear, his family,...

SEALs use of emConnect during New Student Orientation makes incoming students its largest user base. Cullen Granzen / Beacon Staff

Most engagement for emConnect comes from incoming students

October 2, 2018

Statistics show incoming students use emConnect more than any other group at the college, according to the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership. During the fall 2018 New Student Orientation,...

Executive Treasurer Ian Mandt (right) said the treasury team will release a partial budget to prevent conflict between student organizations. Abigail Noyes / Beacon Staff

SGA approves new appeal request procedures

September 19, 2018

The Student Government Association unanimously voted to grant the Financial Advisory Board the authority to exclusively review appeal requests under $5,000 from student organizations. SGA Executive...

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