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Illustration by Addie Winter

We Should No Longer Separate the Art from the Artist 

By Addie Winter
March 29, 2023

“I’m just separating the art from the artist,” is a phrase usually heard in defense of criticism of a certain artist that has fallen under the scrutiny of the public eye. But is this concept constructive—or...

Entertainment for Change feature in Green Living Magazine. Photo courtesy of Jade Zaroff.

Creating art for a better world: Emerson alum founds New York based nonprofit

By Payton Cavanaugh
March 3, 2022

The impact of art is vast and intentional artistic expression is incredibly influential to today’s youth.   Emerson alum Jade Zaroff ‘16 has committed herself and her career to providing a space...

One of the pieces in Eben Haines Facades.

ICA’s two new exhibits evoke a plethora of emotions as they comment on various societal issues

By Maeve Lawler, Kasteel Well Bureau Chief
December 2, 2021

Two exhibitions currently on display at the Institute of Contemporary Art provide viewers with a unique and bleeding edge experience, as they call current ideas of race, culture and personal identity into...

The art installation, What Do We Have In Common, on the Boston Common.

End of Boston Common Art Installation leaves behind conversations on ownership

By Sophia Pargas, Content Managing Editor
October 28, 2021

The public art installation “What Do We Have in Common?” concluded its run on Boston Common Sunday after a month of prompting passersby with questions about ownership.  The installation, a large...

Titian’s ‘Women, Myth, and Power’ at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum pits classical art versus modern morality

Titian’s ‘Women, Myth, and Power’ at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum pits classical art versus modern morality

By Jt Breaux
October 7, 2021

TW: mentions of sexual assault and abuse A new exhibition at The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, which opened on Aug. 12 and runs until Jan. 2, entitled Titian: Women, Myth, and Power, reunites six...

What do we have in Common installation in the Boston Common.

‘What Do We Have In Common?’ Art Installation seeks to provoke thought

By Mariyam Quaisar, Editor-at-large
September 30, 2021

Friends of the Public Garden teamed up with NOW + THERE to celebrate their 50th anniversary with a public art piece titled “What Do We Have In Common?” on Boston Common until Oct. 26 with a purpose...

Vibrant art installation in 172 Tremont honors indigenous peoples

Vibrant art installation in 172 Tremont honors indigenous peoples

By Mariyam Quaisar, Editor-at-large
September 2, 2021

Students entering 172 Tremont this semester will be greeted by a new 13-foot piece of art, installed in July, that intends to signify the importance of inclusivity and equity through brightly colored statements...

I am aware that my work has lots of room for improvement, but I am proud of myself for starting after being discouraged in my youth.

Creating art is not limited to just artists

By Jialin Xu
February 23, 2021

When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a painter. But I became discouraged after my mom told me I didn’t have the talent to be a painter, and that the term ‘artist’ could never apply to me. Ever...

Actress Sadaf Asgari

Oscar qualified short film “EXAM” written and directed by alum Sonia K. Hadad

By Mariyam Quaisar, Editor-at-large
January 26, 2021

The short film “EXAM,” created by writer and director Sonia K. Hadad ‘17, qualified for an Oscar on top of 33 other awards it’s received since the film’s release in 2019.  Among the 33 awards...

Alumnus and comedian Bill Burr 93 received his first Grammy nomination for his new comedy album, Paper Tiger.

Bill Burr ‘93 receives first Grammy nomination for comedy album ‘Paper Tiger’

By Lucia Thorne, Assistant Lifestyle Editor
December 14, 2020

Emerson alumnus Bill Burr ‘93 will have his first ever shot at a Grammy early next year after his newest Netflix comedy special, Paper Tiger, received a nomination for Best Comedy Album.  Paper Tiger...

Artist Lilly E. Manycolors spoke about her mixed media art at a virtual forum hosted by Emerson Contemporary on Nov. 6.

Artist Lilly E. Manycolors confronts gender binary, healing and trauma with Emerson Contemporary

By Clarah Grossman
November 25, 2020

Performance artist Lilly E. Manycolors began her presentation about mixed media art with a moment of silence and a land recognition of Indigenous territory. As a mixed Choctaw, African-American, and Anglo-Australian...

The Media Art Gallery opened an exhibition for the first time since Covid-19 forced the schools closure in March.

Emerson Contemporary debuts new blog, fall exhibit amid pandemic

By Karissa Schaefer, Staff Writer, Living Arts
October 14, 2020

Six months after the pandemic shuttered its operations, Emerson Contemporary, the college’s visual arts platform, is back with a new blog and in-person exhibit. Emerson Contemporary’s fall theme is...

Wack Magazine accepts and publishes all media of art online with sections for writing, visual art, and audio.

Sophomores found Wack Magazine as creative outlet for all media

By Grace Rispoli
December 19, 2019

In September, sophomores Kate Cunningham and Hanna Marchesseault sat in a coffee shop and started to create an online magazine after hatching the idea their freshman year.  Cunningham told Marchesseault...

Junior Juliet Walker sports the sweatshirt, covered in original drawings, that launched her clothing business. Courtesy of Juliet Walker.

Junior’s stained sweatshirt launches creative business

By Emily Cardona
December 14, 2019

Frustrated by her inability to wash stains out of a thrifted sweatshirt, Junior Juliet Walker uncapped her permanent marker and started to draw on the fabric covering the stains. Early in the semester,...

Sam Fish ‘15 felt frustrated with the lack of space for young artists in Boston. He opened EXIT, a pop-up gallery near Emerson to solve that problem. Photo courtesy of Andre Beriau.

Alum opens contemporary art gallery in Downtown Crossing

By Grace Rispoli
October 9, 2019

Black, white, and red paint popped through a storefront window while two men stood in the doorway, welcoming in anyone enamored by the art inside. Behind the doors, low lighting mixed with lively conversation...

Children with pursuits that aren’t conventionally academic should not be discouraged from pursuing what they love. / Illustration by Ally Rzesa

Abandoning creative pursuits in the name of success

By Grace Griffin, Copy Editor
September 24, 2019

I started playing the piano and taking painting and drawing classes outside of school at age nine. In eighth grade, I studied art history for the first time and aced my final exam on Italian Renaissance...

Weston High School senior Echezona Onwuama raps at Boston Rises first event on Feb. 21. Photo by Xinyi Tu - Beacon Correspondent

Alumnus raises Boston voices with new initiative

By Dana Gerber, News Editor
February 27, 2019

A red carpet lined the hallway leading to Center Stage this past Oscars weekend and coincided with the arrival of the performers from one of Boston’s newest diversity collectives—the youth members...

Junior Jacob Nakshian playing guitar at Fire House / Courtesy of Logan Wilder

Local bands burn bright at Fire House venue

By Lilly Milman
October 3, 2018

Senior Michael Papetti’s back tattoo depicts a small burning house—an ode to “Fire House,” the music venue he created in his living room. Last year, he began hosting shows from it. He passed the...

Ben Schifano created Without Collegiate Approval so artists wouldnt have to fear rejection. Photo by Rida Ashraf / Beacon Correspondent.

Rejected art finds home in Without Collegiate Approval

By Isabel Sami
April 22, 2018

After witnessing student artwork get rejected by organizations and faculty on campus, junior Ben Schifano created a solution: Without Collegiate Approval, an online collection of art where Emerson students...

As members of an artistic community, we must all contribute to ensuring our spaces are accessible. Photo courtesy of Allison Hagan.

Weighing the costs of creativity

By Allison Hagan
April 8, 2018

I wanted one thing when I graduated eighth grade—a digital single-lens reflex, or DSLR, camera. Both of my grandmothers planned to collaborate on the gift, so I felt certain my photography career...

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