Emerson College’s only independent, student-run newspaper since 1947

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Emerson College’s only independent, student-run newspaper since 1947

The Berkeley Beacon

Emerson College’s only independent, student-run newspaper since 1947

The Berkeley Beacon

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Chic sustainability: the art of American thrifting

By Ella Donaghue, Beacon Correspondent / April 17, 2024

The year was 2017. My YouTube homepage began filling up with videos of young men and women scouring their local Goodwills and Salvation Army stores for...

Illustration Rachel Choi

Is TikTok the new fashion trend?

By MacKenzie Zwillman, Beacon Correspondent / February 7, 2024

Opinion editors are not responsible for agreeing or disagreeing with their writers but rather elevate each individual’s specific voice. There has...

Illustration by Rachel Choi.

Cotton Isn’t As Comfortable As You Think.

By Bryan Liu, Living Arts Co-Editor / December 6, 2023

Ethical consumption doesn't exist. I found out last summer in New York when the world’s leading denim heads told me so—this was the Kingpins Show;...

Tim Gunn: Corporate, Couture, and Confidence

Tim Gunn: Corporate, Couture, and Confidence

By Clara Faulkner, Operations Managing Editor / April 12, 2023

Tim Gunn, the well-known fashion consultant and television personality, brought his humorous content and impeccable sense of style to Emerson in Tuesday’s...

Anastasia Petridis dancing.

A Love Letter to Greek Dance

By Anastasia Petridis / April 3, 2023

The hat looks heavier than it feels. Colorful flowers cover the right side of my head, while thin chains dangle on the left attached to metal medallions....

Hailey Akau

Linking clothing and queerness might ‘boost visibility,’ but it also encourages stereotypes

By Vivi Smilgius / March 23, 2022

Last Wednesday afternoon, the New York Post tweeted a link to an article titled “‘Dressing like a lesbian’ is the sexy and ‘powerful’ new fashion...

‘Poor core’ is only an aesthetic for those who have the choice

‘Poor core’ is only an aesthetic for those who have the choice

By Vivi Smilgius / February 24, 2022

There’s a confusing and irritating dichotomy when a student wearing tattered clothing and corded earbuds pulls a $2,000 laptop and a $500 pair of studio...

Performative activism can’t change the fast fashion industry

Performative activism can’t change the fast fashion industry

By Stephanie Wallace / January 26, 2022

People love to feel like they are doing some noble thing for the greater good while in reality, they are accomplishing the bare minimum. This usually takes...

Alum opens sustainable bridal store in Newton

Alum opens sustainable bridal store in Newton

By Mariyam Quaisar, Managing Editor / September 7, 2021

While planning for her own wedding in 2018, alum Molly Swarttz ‘13 realized that weddings can also be eco-friendly, and after years of planning opened...

Even though the world is forced to adapt to the pandemic, the fashion world may never be the same again.

Could the pandemic get rid of fast fashion for good?

By Jialin Xu / January 26, 2021

COVID-19 has heavily impacted the fashion world, which has led to more than a one-third drop in revenue within the fashion industry. Even though the world...

Junior Will Dean and Will Grattan-Smith of University of Miami made the best of their remote learning semester, successfully establishing their own clothing brand, Wonderboy.

Junior launches ‘Wonderboy’ clothing brand in midst of pandemic

By Shawna Konieczny, Staff Writer / November 4, 2020

Junior Will Dean started Wonderboy Clothing LLC, a streetwear clothing line that sells shirts and hoodies featuring designs from artists, with a friend...

Megan Ellis - Graphic by Ally Rzesa / Beacon Staff

Little Shirt, Big Pants: The dichotomy between self-image and style

By Megan Ellis / November 10, 2019

*Content Warning: This article discuses themes of disordered eating and body image. In high school, I used to cry in the mornings as I got dressed for...

Many of my courses creatively challenge me, and push me to think and learn differently than I had before. / Illustration by Ally Rzesa

Major Thoughts: impassioned students should initiate IDIP, the DIY major

By Emma Cox / February 13, 2019

I knew I wanted to pursue fashion advertising when I started applying to colleges. Fashion had always been a passion of mine and pursuing advertising alongside...

Lisa King created her makeup line, b-glowing BEAUTY, specially for older women. Photo courtesy of Lisa King.

Jamie Lee Curtis models alumna’s makeup line

By Annika Hom / April 18, 2018

When Lisa King ‘88 realized few makeup products worked on her middle-aged skin, she decided to create her own line. In 2004, King created b-Glowing...

Cathleen DaCosta debuted Heroin Is Not Chic at New York Fashion Week. Photo courtesy of Cathleen DaCosta.

Alum combats ‘heroin chic’ trend with style

By Emily Mason / March 22, 2018

In the late '90s, supermodel Kate Moss popularized “heroin chic,” a fashion style based around grunge. Today, Cathleen DaCosta ‘10 has repurposed...

Kaylee Largay is organizing Cambiar Festival, a 2019 music, arts, and fashion event in Boston. Photo courtesy of Kaylee Largay.

Cambiar Festival shines light on rare cancer research

By Grace Griffin, Copy Editor / March 15, 2018

When Kaylee Largay ‘17 was a freshman her mother passed away from Leiomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer. Since then, Largay knew she wanted to give...

Emerson Fashion Society is mobilizing students to wear black on March 15. Photo by Justin Scott Johnson.

Fashion Society encourages students to say time’s up

By Annika Hom / March 14, 2018

After celebrities wore black at the 2018 Golden Globes and Oscars in solidarity with Time’s Up!—a movement seeking to eliminate sexism and sexual harassment...

Jeannie Albers’s photoshoot of freshman Albany Alexander can be found on the Vogue Italia website. Photo courtesy of Albany Alexander.

Freshman Albany Alexander models for Vogue Italia

By Melissa Rosales, Podcast Producer / February 15, 2018

Posed like a dancer, Albany Alexander thought her photo shoot was nothing more than fun with her friend and professional photographer, Jeannie Albers....