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Portraits of Pride intersects the past and future of LGBTQ history

Portraits of Pride intersects the past and future of LGBTQ history

By Ryan Yau, Staff Writer
October 14, 2022

At the intersection of Boston Common and the Public Garden, two of the oldest parks in America, lies the Portraits of Pride exhibition. The exhibition is itself an intersection in LGBTQ history, showcasing...

Hailey Akau

Linking clothing and queerness might ‘boost visibility,’ but it also encourages stereotypes

By Vivi Smilgius, Editor-in-Chief
March 23, 2022

Last Wednesday afternoon, the New York Post tweeted a link to an article titled “‘Dressing like a lesbian’ is the sexy and ‘powerful’ new fashion trend.”  The image accompanying the tweet...

The event is entirely student-run, with Sam Willinger (center) leading the way.

SAAC, men’s volleyball team support LGBTQ+ athletes in You Can Play Week

By Joey DuBois, Deputy Sports Editor
March 31, 2021

You Can Play Week, an initiative spearheaded by the Student Athletic Advisory Council and the men’s volleyball team to promote safety and inclusion for LGBTQ+ athletes, is underway at Emerson this week.  It...

Hes Got Spunk: He texts me, he texts me not

He’s Got Spunk: He texts me, he texts me not

By Gary Sowder, Columnist
December 15, 2020

Much like everyone in my generation, I use dating apps. Tinder, Grindr, and Hinge are currently downloaded on my phone. And despite the desperation that list gives off, I don’t particularly like dating...

Artist Lilly E. Manycolors spoke about her mixed media art at a virtual forum hosted by Emerson Contemporary on Nov. 6.

Artist Lilly E. Manycolors confronts gender binary, healing and trauma with Emerson Contemporary

By Clarah Grossman
November 25, 2020

Performance artist Lilly E. Manycolors began her presentation about mixed media art with a moment of silence and a land recognition of Indigenous territory. As a mixed Choctaw, African-American, and Anglo-Australian...

Lee Forrest, Director of Or What You Wont produced by student organization Theyta.

Theyta produced virtual reading of ‘Or What You Won’t’

By Clarah Grossman
November 14, 2020

A bell rings through the theater, announcing the start of the show. People take their seats, the room goes dark, and the curtain rises. At least, this is what Theyta’s original production of Or What...

Cured (2020) is an American documentary directed by Bennett Singer and Patrick Sammon.

Film review: ‘Cured’ reminds us the necessity of LGBTQ+ activism

By Joshua Sokol, Staff Writer
November 11, 2020

After four years of the Trump administration rolling back LGBTQ+ protections, particularly those protecting the trans community, documentaries like Cured, which will be available through PBS later this...

Shawna Konieczny is a junior IDIP major from Medford, Wisconsin.

Why I am one of the voters that helped Wisconsin go blue

By Shawna Konieczny, Staff Writer
November 10, 2020

Four years ago, I had just turned seventeen. I was balancing the stress of school at Medford Area Senior High in Wisconsin, a social life, and the mental toll from losing three grandfathers within the...

Hes Got Spunk- The Ick

He’s Got Spunk- ‘The Ick’

By Gary Sowder, Columnist
October 21, 2020

Temperatures have started to dip below the sixties. The leaves in the Common are fluttering off the trees. The pumpkin spice latte is back. It’s official: fall is here. Yet there is a much more sinister...

The Office for Civil Rights currently has one open investigation into the college after a parent of a former student alleged that the college discriminated against their son.

The Berkeley Beacon News Hour 12/13: Semester wrap up

By Kyle Bray, Former Managing Editor: Visual and Design
December 13, 2019

Listen to "The Berkeley Beacon News Hour on WECB 12/13: Semester wrap up" on Spreaker. Berkeley Beacon editors went live on WECB with the latest episode of The Berkeley Beacon News Hour—a morning...

Head Over Feels: Where can I show my queer identity?

Head Over Feels: Where can I show my queer identity?

By Grace Griffin, Copy Editor
December 12, 2019

During the first semester of my freshman year in 2017, I walked into my suite mates’ room and closed the door behind me. “I think I’m bisexual,” I told them, to which they both responded, “Cool!...

Abigail Hadfield. - Graphic by Ally Rzesa / Beacon Staff

What does trans look like?

By Abigail Hadfield, Deputy Copy Editor
November 6, 2019

As a journalist, I try to follow as many diverse voices on Twitter as possible. I follow journalists from news outlets I like, from ones I don’t like, from national sources to small town papers. I also...

Kyle Labe - Graphic by Ally Rzesa / Beacon Staff

Remembering Matthew Shepard 21 years later

By Kyle Labe
October 29, 2019

My high school selected The Laramie Project for its fall production during my senior year. This was a shock to me, knowing my town and the conservative suburbs that surrounded the school. Moisés Kaufman’s...

Gary Sowder - Graphic by Ally Rzesa / Beacon Staff

Don’t call me by my body count

By Gary Sowder, Columnist
October 25, 2019

My evening started like any other Thursday night—meaning it started at the Tam. It was early September, and I wore my nicest H&M button-up—okay, my roommate’s nicest button up—and I had one...

Kyle Labe - Graphic by Ally Rzesa / Beacon Staff

Age of the Twink: Yes, I am a gay-mer

By Kyle Labe
September 18, 2019

When it comes to a “Super Mario” game, I’ll always choose Princess Peach as my avatar. If it’s “Resident Evil," I’ll go for Ada Wong. I prefer Ms. Pac Man over her boring male counterpart....

Katie Redefer - Graphic by Ally Rzesa / Beacon Staff

Read it and weep: LGBTQ kids deserve queer-friendly books

By Katie Redefer, Staff Writer
August 31, 2019

During high school, my school district in southern Delaware removed The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M. Danforth from their summer reading list for incoming freshmen. They cited  “inappropriate...

Kyle Labe - Graphic by Ally Rzesa / Beacon Staff

The Red Cross picks politics over science

By Kyle Labe
February 21, 2019

When I was in high school, the American Red Cross would sometimes station one of their “bloodmobiles” in the parking lot. A doctor, nurse, and phlebotomist collected pints from willing donors, and...

Theyta, Emerson’s first non-binary club, created bracelets at their first official meeting.
Photo by Taina Millsap / Beacon Correspondent

Theyta creates community for non-binary students

By Taina Millsap, Staff Writer
December 2, 2018

Per request of the students, last names have been adjusted or not included due to privacy reasons. Non-binary students met at the Cultural Center for Theyta’s first official meeting on Nov. 17. Born...

Freshman TJ Coste holding volunteer contact sheets to canvass for question three. -
Photo by Erin Nolan / Beacon Staff

LGBTQ+ students advocate ‘yes’ for Question 3

By Annika Hom
October 31, 2018

While canvassing Massachusetts' ballot Question 3, freshman TJ Coste encountered a woman who feared using a bathroom stall next to someone with male genitalia. Coste responded by sharing their experience...

Kyle Labe - Graphic by Ally Rzesa / Beacon Staff

When sexuality steals your youth

By Kyle Labe
October 22, 2018

Over the summer I celebrated my best friend’s 21st birthday with him and some others from high school. We drank beer, sat around a fire pit, and shared memories. They chatted about camping trips and...

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