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A view of Emersons Dining Center from the Boylston Place alley.

A desolate Boston campus is the new reality for remaining students

By Dana Gerber, News Editor
March 29, 2020

One month ago, sophomore Maximo Lawlor served as president at Phi Alpha Tau meetings, wrote for Raiz Magazine, and co-captained the tennis team. Now, he spends the majority of his time alone in his 2 Boylston...

Director of Spiritual Life Julie Avis-Rogers is leading the search for a Muslim chaplin. Cynthia Tu / Beacon Correspondent

CSL supports Muslim students as search for chaplain continues

By Diana Bravo, Copyeditor/Photographer
September 19, 2019

The college opened spaces for Muslim students to practice their faith in at the beginning of the fall 2019 semester and continues to search for a Muslim chaplain. The new Center for Spiritual Life in...

Kosher foods comply with Jewish dietary guidelines for food preparation and consumption, such as avoiding eating pork or alcohol. Photo by Anissa Gardizy / Beacon Staff

Spiritual Life Director to assess kosher and halal options in Dining Center

By Anissa Gardizy
April 17, 2019

Director of Religious and Spiritual Life Julie Avis Rogers is in the process of meeting with Emerson’s food service provider about whether it can provide more kosher and halal options in the college’s...

The Muslim Student Association will work with Julie Avis Rogers in the hiring process for a Muslim Chaplain. Madison Goldberg / Beacon Staff

College hopes to hire Muslim Chaplain for fall semester

By Yiwen Yu
March 27, 2019

The Center for Spiritual Life plans to hire a Muslim Chaplain for the first time for the fall 2019 semester to better serve Muslim students at Emerson, according to the center for spiritual life director....

Dante Basco was ASIAs keynote speaker last Tuesday. Photo by Maysoon Khan.

Last Airbender star talks representation at ASIA panel

By Maysoon Khan
March 29, 2018

From break-dancing in the streets of California to being the voice of Prince Zuko in Avatar: The Last Airbender, accomplished Filipino-American voice actor and actor Dante Basco visited Emerson College...

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