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Jasper by Grant MacDermott 09.

Alum debuts as playwright for Off-Broadway’s ‘Jasper’

By Emma Bowen, Correspondent
September 21, 2022

An Emerson alum and playwright premiered his first production, “Jasper,” a play about the challenges of having a physically disabled family member, on Sept. 14th at the Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theater...

Inspired by growing up near the Mexican border, Andrew Siañez-De La Os play Borderline landed him a fellowship with the Huntington Theatre Company. Montse Landeros / Beacon Staff

Alum secures dream fellowship at Huntington Theatre Company

By Althea Champion
November 8, 2019

Andrew Siañez-De La O ‘17 wrote a Boston bucket list following his college graduation. At the top of his list sat a playwriting fellowship at the Huntington Theatre Company in Boston, but Siañez-De...

Kevin Michael Wests play Top and Bottom is a part of the Rainbow Theater Company. Photo courtesy of Kevin Michael West.

D.C. theater company ties up ‘Top and Bottom’

By Owen Murray
April 29, 2018

Kevin Michael West hesitated to play the role of a sexually dominant “top.” After a few unconvincing attempts, he decided to channel the awkward experience into a play. Top and Bottom ran in New...

Two of Andrew Siañez-De La O’s plays are being workshopped through fellowships on each coast. Photo: Zivah Solomon / Beacon Correspondent

Alum develops plays through coastal fellowships

By Annika Hom
February 15, 2018

Andrew Siañez-De La O ‘17 saw patriotism and Hispanic culture blend while growing up next to an immigration fort. His experiences in El Paso, Texas, inspired two of his plays that are debuting on opposite...

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