Athletic department launches new website

The Emerson athletic department will be unveiling an updated and redesigned website on July 1, according to a press release.

According to Matt Ulrich, director of media relations for the department, the transition into the New England Men’s and Women’s Athletic Conference, or NEWMAC, and the need for more school support for athletics have pushed these projects forward.

“[The website] will have a lot fresher look,” Ulrich said. “Social media will be integrated throughout the site, and the live stream will be higher quality through YouTube Live, with HD broadcasting.”

Another new amenity is the addition of Wi-Fi at Rotch Playground and Field in the South End, where several teams play. Previously, people that needed Wi-Fi at the field had to bring a portable Internet connection to the field.

Athletic Director Patricia Nicol said she has been hoping for this change and improvements since she became involved in the Emerson community in May 2014.

“I didn’t feel as though the previous website reflected what the athletic department stands for,” Nicol said.

According to Nicol, the modernizing of the website was a possibility with the help and support of many different members of the college.

“We really have taken our time with it, made sure it reflects what we stand for, and shows the identity of the athletics department,” Nicol said.

One of the main aspects added to the website is social media access throughout, and the capability to see Facebook posts and Twitter feeds while staying on the website.

Through these improvements, the department hopes to improve the traffic and number of visits to the site, and to bring new life to the content to improve what students have access to, according to Ulrich.

“The old website had a recap for the home and away games and we want to continue doing that but improve the quality of the content,” Ulrich said. “[We want to] also provide highlight videos and interviews with the coaches.”

The new site will also be collaborating with multiple student organizations on campus, like EIV and WEBN, to improve the quality of the website and give students real-world experience. According to Ulrich, students will also be able to receive non-tuition credits for their contributions and work with the site.

“[The website] will be more vibrant, active, consistent with other athletic websites, easier to navigate, and much more user friendly,” Nicol said. “It will definitely have a positive impact.”