Comic book article a joke

Dear Editor,

Usually I can contain myself when I overhear non-comic book readers telling each other horribly misinformed trivia they probably picked up off a Snapple cap, but the article “Graphic novel program could become new major” [March 27] is one of the most offensive affronts to the medium I have ever had the displeasure of reading.

Any comic book reader will agree that any exposure for the medium is good, but I would rather none at all than the trivialization this article conveys. Calling Stan Lee a Marvel Comics “artist” is a slap in the face to the comics industry and to writers the world over. This man is a legend and with a little fact checking (or a vague knowledge of pop culture) you would have known that.

But not only does this grievous error get by two “journalists” (who probably didn’t have any interest in the topic in the first place), but your entire staff of editors missed it too? It’s great to have “editor” somewhere in your title, but you actually have to edit something. Maybe you could ask Stan Lee about it, seeing as how he was also a Marvel editor for over 20 years.

Somehow, I can’t see your dime-a-dozen political articles being handled (or rather, mishandled), as was this article. Have some respect for the topics you cover, even if they aren’t necessarily your “thing.”

-Chris Robinson

Class of 2010

Screenwriting Major