NCAA policy change to have no direct effect on Emerson athletes


Beacon Archive.

By Aaron J. Miller, Print Editor

The NCAA announced Tuesday it would allow collegiate athletes to profit off of their names and images in Division I, II, and III athletics—a move one college official said would not directly impact Emerson athletes.

Emerson College Athletic Director Patricia Nicol wrote in an email to The Beacon she does not believe the policy change will impact the college.

“It will impact very highly skilled [and] elite athletes, those at the Division I level,” Nicol wrote. “Generally, it will impact those athletes that have a very good chance at going [professional].”

The announcement comes a month after California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill allowing college athletes the ability to monetize their images on and off of the field. The NCAA initially pushed back against the bill, but restructured its stance on the issue, according to an article by NPR. 

The policy will not go into effect until Jan. 2021, but the NCAA is asking representatives from each collegiate Division to submit recommendations for the change.