Patriots: Brady’s gone after another Super Bowl victory


By Lara Hill

  • Embed from Getty Images

If the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl this season, future hall-of-fame quarterback Tom Brady will retire.

Many rumors are circulating about the future of Brady’s career after his appearance on WEEI radio station Wednesday morning. With his house recently placed on the market, and his contract with the Patriots ending this season, there is a strong possibility he could retire.

This is a sentimental season for Brady. He is nothing but supportive of his teammates and constantly posts encouraging messages on Instagram and Facebook. He recognizes the support from Patriots fans both at Gillette Stadium and on the road. He is reacting to everything as if it is his last time.

If the Patriots win the Super Bowl—thereby giving Brady his seventh ring, more than any other franchise in the league—he might want to go out on top. Former Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and former Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski retired after their teams won Super Bowls. Both players are headed to the NFL Hall Of Fame, and Brady could follow this pattern and end on a high note.

If the Patriots do not end the season as back-to-back champions, Brady will sign with the team for another year. Deemed the greatest-of-all-time, would he really leave the NFL without one more championship under his belt?

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Do not pay attention to the rumors of Brady signing with another team. Brady knows he is in a perfect situation with the Patriots. Brady and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels have worked together since 2004 and Brady has a strong relationship with owner Robert Kraft. With his retirement nearing, there is no point for him to leave the Patriots and start over in a completely different system for just a season or two. Brady knows that the Patriots have a chance to win the Super Bowl every season with Bill Belichick as head coach. If his goal is to hoist the Lombardi Trophy once more, why would he leave?