Ride or die: whether you embrace the pillow or not, you’re always a princess.

By Mariyam Quaisar, Managing Editor

Recently, Gen Z has coined a new term that accuses feminine-identifying individuals of doing the deed as those who enjoy doing the deed with minimal exertion. This phrase is one you may have heard before, and while I definitely encourage it, I’m here to tell you that there is no harm in rollin’ on over. 

Oftentimes, the “pillow princess” label makes it seem as if the bottom-half of a sexual encounter must remain clutching the pillow from behind, but who’s to say they can’t clutch it while on top? In other words, be a princess when you want to, and get on your knees when you want to. 

Taking the lead will not strip you of your pillow princess title, but instead will reveal another side of you that your partner will most likely enjoy. The fear of screwing up (pun intended) should be nonexistent when two or more people are already comfortable enough to be naked with socks on. Any sexual experience must be enjoyed by everyone involved, and if a little compromise is all it takes to orgasm, then do it. 

A major reason why people are scared to take charge in bed is because of the unrealistic expectations the pornography industry puts on sex. From its initial inception, porn was made to appeal to a chauvinist mentality that women belong to men, creating a fiction that sex is about dominating women. Hell no. 

The fact of the matter is, a woman’s role in bed is not to be a freak in the sheets, but to demand satisfaction in whichever way they choose. And that is why I say if the pillow is slowly becoming something that you’d prefer snoring on, then roll him over and demand your satisfaction. Do not let the fear of not living up to someone who is paid to act like they’re having fun get in the way of your leg-shaking orgasm. And if you’re not orgasming, that’s a whole other issue in itself

All of this is not to say that you need to let go of the pillow, absolutely not. Keep that pillow close, but if you have even the slightest desire to saddle up, then don’t talk yourself out of it. Sex is only a solo experience if it’s with your vibrator, and if you’d prefer that then by all means push him out of bed. 

As I always say, communication is key. If you’re getting bored on the pillow, or need to spice things up with some position shifts, then talk to your partner. 

Copious amounts of thrillful coitus can only be achieved when all participants are content with their role, so don’t be afraid and take charge and let go of the pillow.