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Panelists, from left to right: Wes Jackson, Kristin Lieb, Miranda Banks, Jessica Chance, Catherin D’lgnazio, talk about how to bring the MeToo movement to Emerson college. Photo: Rida Ashraf / Berkeley Beacon

Panelists go beyond #MeToo

April 16, 2018

Panelists discussed creating safe spaces within classrooms, and the need to increase inclusivity in the college’s curriculum, at the Beyond #MeToo: Confronting Power Imbalances in the Arts and Media...

Panelists answer questions raised by student journalists in the Bill Bordy Theatre. Photo: Daniel Peden / Beacon Staff

To protest or not to protest? Three journalists give the same answer

March 25, 2018

In the midst of the March for Our Lives movement, journalism students gathered for a panel organized by the Beacon to hash out the ethics of protesting as working members of the media industry. The...

Crowds of people marched through downtown Boston to protest gun laws and advocate for change. Photo: Daniel Peden/The Berkeley Beacon

WATCH: Thousands march on Boston Common for gun control

March 25, 2018

Different hues of orange bandanas flashed on the stage, situated on the organizers’ heads, around their necks, and tied on their wrists. The color, recently adopted as a symbol of anti-gun violence,...

New exchange program offers affordable study abroad opportunity

New exchange program offers affordable study abroad opportunity

March 14, 2018

The Office of Education Abroad and Domestic Programs selected the inaugural group of students to attend two universities in Hong Kong as part of the college's only exchange program in Asia. Emerson...

Students hear Colonial Theatre construction noise early in the morning. Photo : Hardik Pahwa/Berkeley Beacon

Noise rattles Colonial residents

February 15, 2018

Jackhammers and construction noise wake up students living in Colonial Residence Hall instead of their alarm clocks. Residents said they are struggling with the commotion from Little Building and Colonial...

Pelton featured in Boston Fox25 Black History Month series

February 11, 2018

Boston Fox25 interviewed President M. Lee Pelton about his path to becoming the first black president of the college for a Black History Month profile series that aired this month. Boston’s first...

Iwasaki Library cuts five databases this school year due to expenses and low student use. Photo: Gabriella Mrozowski/ Berkeley Beacon

Library databases cut, replaced with alternatives

February 1, 2018

The Iwasaki Library cut five databases from their collection at the beginning of the academic year due to the availability of cheaper alternatives and lower student usage than previous years. Ad$pender,...

Mass Green Summit brings environmental action to Emerson

February 1, 2018

The college will host the third annual Mass Green Summit—a series of panels advocating for grassroots environmental action—as part of its seven-year promise to lower the college’s environmental impact....

RA application process drops group interview

November 16, 2017

Next year’s Resident Directors will select resident assistants through a more individual-based application process, deviating from the previous group-based system. “This change will streamline the...

VMA department downsizes due to scarce resources

September 14, 2017

The college accepted fewer visual and media arts students this year due to limited faculty and campus resources. Chair of the VMA Department Brooke Knight said the number of VMA students in the class of...

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