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When a Soul Walks by Lauren Ditullio 22.

‘When A Soul Walks’: alum turns senior thesis into debut novel

By Avieana Rivera, Correspondent
September 22, 2022

Amidst the emerging pandemic, an Emerson alum found solace, inspiration, and peace in writing a senior thesis that has now become her debut fiction novel.  Lauren Ditullio ‘22, a creative writing...

From top left to bottom right: Emerson alumni Sam Crimmins, André Archimbaud, Gaby Dunn, Dustin Straube, Steven Rowley and Kasey Fielding. / courtesy

Safe spaces, section 8 and student loan debt: Emerson alums say they (mostly) don’t regret the financial risk

By Vivi Smilgius, Editor-in-Chief
August 30, 2022

For many freshly graduated Emersonians, monthly loan payments are a harsh awakening to the real world of work—or lack thereof—as creatives. While movements toward student loan debt relief have alleviated...

A woman speaks to filmmaker Ralph Celestin in the aftermath of the Capitol insurrection.

Local filmmaker releases trailer ahead of documentary ‘Capitol Riots’

By Madison E. Goldberg, Managing Editor
April 14, 2021

Independent filmmaker Ralph Celestin said he will always be haunted by the events of Jan. 6, 2021, when just six days into the new year, a group of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building. Footage...

Alumni Thomas Krajewski  99 creates new super heroine for DC comics.

Alum creates new DC Comics colorful superheroine “Primer”

By Shawna Konieczny , Staff Writer
October 1, 2020

Thomas Krajewski ‘99 brought to life a brand-new superhero within one of most well-established comic book universes in the world, DC Comics. The international comics brand published Primer in 2020, which...

Richard Downes III hopes to air his puppet show, Wish Weasel, in stations around New York. Photo courtesy of Richard Downes III.

Pop goes the evil weasel in alum’s puppet show

By Owen Murray
April 12, 2018

From a purple, faraway planet to the urban landscape of Queens, New York, Richard the Wish Weasel, along with his gang of puppets and aliens, grants wishes and fights battles against evil extraterrestrial...

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