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Little Building and Walker Building in snow.

College rescinds collective vandalism charges after student pressure

By Bailey Allen and Sabrina Lam
March 2, 2023

The college has dropped its plan to collectively charge Little Building residents a $16,000 vandalism fee in the face of staunch opposition from its student union. Emerson’s Office of Housing and...

The Little Building residence hall.

First years share first impressions of Emerson

By Hannah Nguyen, News Editor
September 8, 2022

No masks, no Zoom, no COVID-19 restrictions—the class of 2026’s first semester doesn’t look all that different from the beginning of high school.  While the class had an educational experience...

Writer Karenna Umscheid sits on her dorm bed, looking at the posters on her wall.

A sophomore’s guide to surviving your first semester at Emerson

By Karenna Umscheid
August 30, 2022

Taking good notes, going to office hours and turning your assignments in on time are all tips you’ll see when you search for general college advice. What you won’t be able to read about are the specifics...

Courtesy Katya Veber.

First-year releases debut music video

By Hannah Nguyen, News Editor
February 10, 2022

First-year visual media arts major Katya Veber used to believe she would never create music. After a high school teacher told her she has potential, she began writing songs that would eventually end up...

Boarded up entrances to the Paramount Theatre.

Paramount first-year students face mandatory move-out

By Camilo Fonseca, Editor-at-large
September 23, 2021

Four weeks into the fall semester, some students housed in the Paramount Center are being asked to move to new residences in the Little Building—despite the desires of many to stay right where they are. Administrators...

The Little Building residence hall.

First-year class settles in after year of upheaval

By Frankie Rowley, Content Managing Editor
September 2, 2021

After a year of canceled proms, delayed graduations, and remote learning, the road to Emerson has been anything but normal for most first year students.  With everything up to the college application...

Art by Lucia Thorne

The 10 songs that got me through my first year at Emerson

By Karissa Schaefer, Staff Writer, Living Arts
May 24, 2021

One of my favorite ways to connect with people is through music. During my first year at Emerson, I discovered so many great new songs that are part of my daily playlist now, many of which I first heard...

The Little Building on a rainy day.

Emerson enforces sanctions for COVID violations in line with nearby colleges

By Frankie Rowley, Content Managing Editor
October 22, 2020

It was the first night out of college-mandated quarantine at the beginning of the fall semester. A group of half a dozen friends, all first-years living in Little Building, were chatting on Boston Common,...

Far fetched as my expectations were, none of us pictured freshman year this way, with me logging onto Zoom to attend classes, professors office hours, and student organizations’ meetings.

We were never getting the college experience we expected

By Shannon Garrido, Editor-in-chief
September 23, 2020

For those of you who spent too much of your childhood obsessing over Legally Blonde and Beverly Hills, 90210, like me, you probably had an inflated image of what college life would be like when you got...

Freshman William Blackwell Kinney (left), Derek Delson (second from left) and Maxwell Reid created an activity for incoming freshman to participate in during orientation week: a 24 hour screenplay competition.

In lieu of first-year orientation, three students create DIY screenplay competition

By Lucia Thorne
September 23, 2020

After the pandemic pushed traditional freshman orientation into Zoom, new students Maxwell Reid, Derek Delson, and William Blackwell Kinney decided to put together an orientation activity of their own...

National Broadcast Society members work on a set.

College reverses course, will temporarily continue non-tuition credits for first-year students

By Charlie McKenna
September 18, 2020

College officials temporarily rolled back a decision Tuesday that would have prevented first-year students from earning non-tuition credits for their participation in select student organizations. Student...

An altered semester begins as first-year students move into Little Building

An altered semester begins as first-year students move into Little Building

By Lizzie Heintz and Diti Kohli
August 21, 2020

First-year students began to move into Little Building Friday, while adhering to COVID-19 safety regulations. Unlike previous years, the new student move-in process will be parsed over four days, rather...

This college’s housing system completely disregards the money my family actively pays to Emerson and the fact that the college does not offer me enough financial aid to continue living on campus. / Illustration by Ally Rzesa

Op-ed: Residency requirement blocks avenue for students to save money

By Megan Ellis
March 14, 2019

I represent the inaugural class of students the college will require to live on campus for three years. Soon to be facing a future of financial insecurity due to college debt, I am disregarded from Emerson’s...

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