Emerson College’s only independent, student-run newspaper since 1947

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Emerson College’s only independent, student-run newspaper since 1947

The Berkeley Beacon

Emerson College’s only independent, student-run newspaper since 1947

The Berkeley Beacon

Students cross the intersection of Boylston St. and Tremont St. in front of the Little Building.

College to increase tuition for fall semester, following national trend

By Andrew Brinker, Senior Investigative Reporter / July 10, 2020

Tuition and room and board rates will increase by two percent for the 2020-21 academic year as Emerson attempts to mitigate the massive financial losses...

Students cross the intersection of Boylston St. and Tremont St.

In-person classes to resume in the fall, college announces

By Diana Bravo and Charlie McKenna / June 10, 2020

The college will reinstate in-person classes for the fall 2020 semester with significant changes to student life following the rapid spread of the COVID-19...

Student activists reject changes recommended by Title IX working group

Student activists reject changes recommended by Title IX working group

By Parker Purifoy, Emerson '21 / May 3, 2020

Students who originally led the charge to get the college to review its Title IX policies are speaking out against a report containing recommendations...

Senior Tatiana Melendez, pictured second from the left in the top row, said she was looking forward to celebrating Commencement with her friends.
Top Row (left to right): Jonah Puskar, Ann Zhang, Raz Moayed.
Bottom Row (left to right): Melissa Leslie, Lily Scher.

Seniors hoping to walk in May face altered plans as COVID-19 spreads

By Dana Gerber, News Editor / March 25, 2020

Senior Tatiana Melendez found out there wouldn't be a traditional 2020 Commencement weekend only a week after her ELA classes moved online and she had...

President M. Lee Pelton.

College plans to issue partial credit for room and board, not tuition

By Dana Gerber, News Editor / March 19, 2020

While Emerson will be issuing partial credit for room and board charges for the spring semester due to circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic,...

President M. Lee Pelton responds to community unrest following COVID-19 pandemic.

Pelton responds to “unprecedented” COVID-19 uncertainty

By Dana Gerber, News Editor / March 12, 2020

President M. Lee Pelton said many answers concerning long-term extracurricular continuation, housing feasibility, summer and fall classes, and room, board,...

Marlboro Institute professor Nancy Allen.

Full-time faculty prepare to boycott unpaid directed studies

By Dana Gerber, News Editor / March 10, 2020

Emerson's full-time faculty union has recommended that its members stop advising directed study courses beginning fall 2020 semester unless the college...

Affiliated Faculty Union President Barry Marshall whispers to Emerson Colleges President of the American Association of University Professors Gian Lombardo during Thursdays faculty council meeting.

Union leaders appeal for representation in Emerson-Marlboro merger talks

By Parker Purifoy, Emerson '21 / December 14, 2019
Tempers flared at Thursday’s faculty council meeting when union leaders demanded representation in Marlboro-Emerson merger talks.
Marlboro College community members will make a formal trip to Emersons Boston campus Sunday for tours and a show. Madison Goldberg / Beacon Correspondent

Marlboro College community members scheduled to visit Emerson

By Jacob Seitz, Staff Writer / November 23, 2019

A group of Marlboro College students and faculty will visit Emerson’s Boston campus tomorrow, marking the first time the two communities will formally...

Emerson President M. Lee Pelton and Marlboro President Kevin Quigley walk together on Peltons first visit since the merger announcement. Cho Yin Rachel Lo / Beacon Staff

Pelton addresses student concerns in Marlboro campus visit

By Jacob Seitz, Staff Writer / November 21, 2019

MARLBORO, Vt.—President M. Lee Pelton spoke about the future of Marlboro College’s campus and the cultural similarities between the two institutions...

Emerson anticipates massive losses during the 2020-21 fiscal year, ranging from $33 million to $76 million, President M. Lee Pelton said in a letter to faculty Monday.

Emerson College president to visit Marlboro campus Wednesday

By Jacob Seitz, Staff Writer / November 19, 2019

BOSTON—Emerson College President M. Lee Pelton plans to visit Marlboro College Wednesday, his first trip to the campus since the Boston institution announced...

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Emerson official expects Marlboro endowment to pay incoming faculty

By Parker Purifoy, Emerson '21 / November 19, 2019

While most details surrounding Emerson College's acquisition of Marlboro College remain unknown, an administration official said they expect part of the...

Marlboro College and Emerson College both formed five working groups to hammer out details of the planned merger—two of these will focus on the future of Marlboros campus. Jakob Menendez / Beacon Staff

Marlboro and Emerson establish respective working groups to proceed with merger

By Tomas Gonzalez, Staff Writer/Photographer / November 14, 2019

Ten working groups, five from Emerson and five from Marlboro, will work to hammer out the details of a merger between the two institutions over the next...

Emerson’s cost of attendance increased from $19,303 per year in 1990 to $67,832 in 2019. Cullen Granzen / Berkeley Staff

State of the college details new dining space and global pathways summer programs

By Tomas Gonzalez, Staff Writer/Photographer / November 8, 2019

President M. Lee Pelton introduced new faculty, 23 new global pathways programs, and a new meeting space in the semesterly State of the College letter. Pelton...

Marlboro College President Kevin Quigley told The Beacon that students and staff at Marlboros graduate school should have been aware of the schools track to closure.

What we know and what we don’t about the Emerson-Marlboro merger

Emerson is slated to acquire Marlboro College in approximately a year, but many questions still remain about the future of the community after the merger....

Moses Shumow was loved by his students and colleagues, a former student of his said. Courtesy of Florida International University

Former students recall professor’s kindness

By Parker Purifoy, Emerson '21 / October 24, 2019

Updated 10/24/19: This article was updated to include information about a memorial service for Shumow Florida International University senior Bianca...

Courtesy of Jane Akiba

Community mourns the loss of renowned photographer David Akiba

By Anissa Gardizy / September 8, 2019

Jane Akiba clicked through pictures on her computer, her eyes sifting through the images of her children playing in fall leaves, sitting at the kitchen...

There are 926 new first-time students that make up this year’s incoming class. Flora Li/Beacon Staff

College acceptance rate drops to lowest in school history

By Anissa Gardizy / September 4, 2019

The college’s acceptance rate dropped for the fourth year in a row to about 33 percent as a result of increased applications, a college official said.  “I’m...

Super Happy Fun America President John Hugo (center) and organizers Samson Racioppi (right) and Mark Sahady spoke at the Thursday night press conference. Montse Landeros / Beacon Correspondent

Parade organizers raise safety concerns following Pelton’s statement

By Abigail Hadfield, Deputy Copy Editor / August 29, 2019

Straight Pride Parade organizer Samson Racioppi said at a press conference Thursday night that President M. Lee Pelton put parade organizers at risk by...

An individual removes a sign criticizing the college for its handling of sexual misconduct from Little Buildings scaffolding. Ziqi Wang / Beacon Staff

Administration issues plans to address sexual misconduct on campus

By Parker Purifoy, Emerson '21 / April 22, 2019

President M. Lee Pelton told the student body on April 22 that he will form a working group of students, faculty, and senior administrators in Fall 2019...