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As someone who struggles with mental illnesses myself, I can say with complete conviction this hybrid learning model has been detrimental to my health.

Adapting to hybrid learning is a privilege

By Lucia Thorne
March 17, 2021

Trigger warning: This op-ed discusses topics related to mental illness. After a year of experimenting with new forms of learning in an attempt to simulate an in-person experience, it is quite evident...

Cameron Manning helping students move into Little Building at the beginning of the Fall 2020 semester

Emerson delays start of in-person classes, residence hall move-in schedule, citing COVID surge

By Charlie McKenna
December 30, 2020

Emerson will hold the first ten days of spring semester classes online and delay move-in to on-campus residence halls by a week, President M. Lee Pelton announced in an email Wednesday afternoon, 20 days...

Students cross the intersection of Boylston St. and Tremont St. in front of the Little Building.

Hybrid class scheduling restrictions disrupt students’ graduation timelines

By Dana Gerber, News Editor
November 26, 2020

A college policy that prohibits students from mixing flex—a hybrid of in-person and online courses—and online-only courses is disrupting some students’ meticulously planned schedules and graduation...

Far fetched as my expectations were, none of us pictured freshman year this way, with me logging onto Zoom to attend classes, professors office hours, and student organizations’ meetings.

We were never getting the college experience we expected

By Shannon Garrido, Content Managing Editor
September 23, 2020

For those of you who spent too much of your childhood obsessing over Legally Blonde and Beverly Hills, 90210, like me, you probably had an inflated image of what college life would be like when you got...

Students cross the intersection of Boylston St. and Tremont St.

Remote learning is different, but that’s not a bad thing

By The Editorial Board
August 17, 2020

As Emerson moves forward with its reopening plans for the fall semester, many students have raised concerns about the value of online classes. Is it comparable to the in-person experience, they ask, when...

Students crossing the bustling Boylston/Tremont intersection.

ICE rule barring international students from online study in the U.S. lifted

By Charlie McKenna and Andrew Brinker
July 14, 2020

The Trump administration announced Tuesday afternoon that it will roll back an Immigration and Customs Enforcement Rule that would have forced international students enrolled in online course loads out...

Students cross the intersection of Boylston St. and Tremont St.

In-person classes to resume in the fall, college announces

By Diana Bravo and Charlie McKenna
June 10, 2020

The college will reinstate in-person classes for the fall 2020 semester with significant changes to student life following the rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, President M. Lee Pelton announced in...

A Zoom class meeting in Spring 2020.

Remote classes bring innovation, frustration

By Dana Gerber, News Editor
April 15, 2020

Theatre education professor Bethany Nelson had no idea how she would adapt her class material when the college transitioned to online learning, because so much of the work involves students interacting...

VMA Department Chair Brooke Knight said he and the associate chairs identified 92 sections of production courses that would be significantly impacted by the transition to online.

Online learning results in alterations to VMA production courses

By Shruti Rajkumar
April 14, 2020

Sophomore visual media arts major Lauren Miller was preparing to film a group final project when the college announced it would be switching to remote learning in light of the progressing COVID-19 pandemic—she...

The Potash Hill campus was sold in May for $225,000.

Marlboro students say a premature goodbye to Potash Hill

By Jacob Seitz, Staff Writer
March 16, 2020

Over the past three years, Marlboro College student Charlie Hickman hasn’t left Potash Hill for more than a few months at a time. If the proposed Emerson-Marlboro merger goes through, Hickman and their...

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