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An attendee of the Peace in Process event tests out a virtual reality adaptation of sand play therapy.

Peace in Process helps gun violence survivors heal

By Chloe Els, Staff Writer
December 15, 2022

With gun violence an ever-looming presence in America, the Engagement Lab at Emerson College is attempting to transform the healing process for survivors through its Transforming Narratives of Gun Violence...

Students plan for Thanksgiving break without meal plans

Students plan for Thanksgiving break without meal plans

By Nia Harmon, Podcast Editor
November 22, 2022

Thanksgiving break is a much-deserved period of rest for students, faculty, and staff following the midterm season.  However, college life presents a new change for students choosing to stay on Emerson’s...

Students weigh in on academic environment, health before Thanksgiving break

Students weigh in on academic environment, health before Thanksgiving break

By Jonathan Yao, Staff Writer
November 18, 2022

As Emerson students approach Thanksgiving break, they anticipate both the challenges of the coming winter months as well as their own plans. Sophomore visual and media arts major Jonah Hodari feels...

Sample laundry detergent sheet and informational flyer about Generation Conscious.

SGA introduces free, eco-friendly laundry detergent to campus

By Chloe Els, Staff Writer
October 15, 2022

Loud music and purple balloons filled the Little Building lobby Friday afternoon as Emerson’s Student Government Association promoted the upcoming arrival of a sustainable laundry detergent refill station. The...

The entrance to Emersons Walker Building on Boylston St.

New iVisitor system used for guest registration in academic buildings

By Maeve Lawler, Kasteel Well Bureau Chief
October 5, 2022

Emerson announced students can register guests for academic buildings using the new iVisitor Guest Registration system—a process different from the guest registration process for residential spaces.  In...

Photo of four girls smiling in dresses

From the castle to Boston: What happens to home when you’re abroad?

By Sophia Pargas, Content Managing Editor
October 5, 2022

As I stared out at the descending Miami skyline on my first flight back to Boston since December 2022, unease rumbled in my ribcage like the engine of the Delta Boeing 737 surrounding me. Apprehension,...

Emerson students having classes.

Nearly three years coming: Emerson’s return to a pre-pandemic classroom

By Roe Medovoi-Klotz
September 27, 2022

As Emerson begins its fall semester, students are returning to campus with fewer COVID-19 restrictions. Masks are no longer mandatory in classrooms and room restrictions have been lifted; an atmosphere...

Jacob Warman at his first pop-up event.

Struggles and successes of student entrepreneurs

By Adri Pray and Ryan Forgosh
September 21, 2022

Between attending classes and working jobs to support their businesses, student entrepreneurs face a multitude of challenges.  Jacob Warman’s passion for drawing began when he was young. He grew...

Illustration by Rachel Choi

‘I can’t comprehend how much money I’m paying’: Students react to tuition raise for academic year

By Olivia LeDuc, Assistant News Editor
September 14, 2022

When Emerson announced it was raising tuition for the 2022-23 academic year, sophomore visual media arts major Elle Mako wondered how she would pay for it. Between the increase and the yen depreciation...

Emersons downtown Boston campus.

Emerson College Students’ Union holds second meeting, formulates long-term objectives

By Ashlyn Wang, Photography editor
September 13, 2022

The Emerson College Students' Union held its second general meeting on Sunday to formulate strategies for the union's programs, services, and long-term objectives. The Union also discussed issues facing...

The Little Building residence hall.

First years share first impressions of Emerson

By Hannah Nguyen, News Editor
September 8, 2022

No masks, no Zoom, no COVID-19 restrictions—the class of 2026’s first semester doesn’t look all that different from the beginning of high school.  While the class had an educational experience...

Emersons testing site at Tufts Medical Center.

New COVID-19 policies ‘fared well’ over the summer, set to continue this fall

By Maddie Khaw, Assistant News Editor
September 7, 2022

As the fall semester begins, students return to an Emerson with the most relaxed COVID-19 policies since the start of the pandemic. Following a shift in COVID protocol over the summer, the college switched...

Visitor Center of Emerson College.

Emerson discontinues Winter Term, releases community equity action plan

By Adri Pray, Editor-at-large
May 8, 2022

Emerson released an update to students, faculty and staff Friday morning concerning the college’s community equity action plan. The plan outlines the college’s commitment to “dismantling systemic...

Students cross the intersection of Boylston St. and Tremont St. in front of the Little Building.

‘I just really fear getting COVID’: students report anxiety with updated COVID policies

By Maddie Khaw, Assistant News Editor
April 21, 2022

COVID-19 precautions have enveloped Emerson’s campus since the onset of the pandemic in 2020. Masks in classrooms, mandatory weekly COVID tests, and designated isolation spaces for COVID-positive students...

The sign outside of the Cutler Majestic Theater.

Emerson community weighs in with their thoughts on Ukraine

Sophomore visual and media arts major Yujun Liu gets texts from his friend in Ukraine, who updates him on the war he is experiencing firsthand. “He told me he was awakened by the bombing at 5:30 a.m....

Places They Call Home photo practicum in the Huret and Spector Gallery in the Tufte Building.

Fall 2021 photo practicum ‘Places They Call Home’ captures an array of student experiences

By Sophia Pargas, Content Managing Editor
December 9, 2021

Upon walking into the Huret and Spector Gallery on the sixth floor of the Tufte Building this week, one is greeted by a professional, vibrant, and emotional exhibition filling the space around them. The...

Students stories highlight the importance of mental health

Students’ stories highlight the importance of mental health

By Margarita Ivanova
October 12, 2021

TW: This article mentions depression, anxiety, and suicide  *Name changed for privacy As we reflect on this past suicide prevention month, it’s important to remember the message of September throughout...

Elly Bryant and Olivienne Redding at their volunteer shift holding “kindness flower” made in the art studio for guests.

Emerson students embrace St. Francis House volunteer work

By Maeve Lawler, Kasteel Well Bureau Chief
October 7, 2021

Three Emerson students participated in the college’s orientation volunteer event at St. Francis House, the largest day shelter for those experiencing homelessness in Massachusetts, located in downtown...

Emerson Stages production of The Late Wedding marked the return of live theater on Emersons campus.

Live theater returns with production of “The Late Wedding”

By Sophia Pargas, Content Managing Editor
October 4, 2021

After 559 days of closed curtains and empty theaters, Emerson Stage kicked off its fall season with a production of “The Late Wedding,” a play about love, marriage, and all of its complexities.  The...

The environment, your sanity, and student budgets

The environment, your sanity, and student budgets

By Charlie Brian Ambler
September 17, 2021

For the average student, being an environmentalist comes with a hefty price tag. Eating organic foods and exclusively supporting eco-friendly brands are expensive choices to make— especially if you’re...

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