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10 festive films to get you into the holiday spirit

10 festive films to get you into the holiday spirit

By Rachel Hackam
December 14, 2021

As the fall semester comes to a close, the long anticipated winter break we all deserve is only days away. Here is a list of ten classic, snuggle-inducing movies to watch while enjoying your time off during...

Boston, MA: December 8, 2021 – First-year students Ellie McCabe and Emma Paiva take a selfie on Boston Common in the snow Wednesday night.

First snow of season brings students end-of-semester joy

By Bailey Allen, Deputy Enterprise Editor
December 9, 2021

Starting around 9 p.m. Wednesday night, a thin blanket of snow dusted Boston Common, prompting Emerson students to venture outside and experience the first real snow of the season. Bundled up in...

The Center for Health and Wellness.

Emerson to restrict access to community members without flu shots in January

By Dana Gerber, News Editor
November 16, 2020

Emerson students will be barred from campus at the beginning of the semester if they do not provide the college with documentation of a flu shot, per a Massachusetts mandate. Students must submit proof...

Emerson Mystic celebrating Halloween 2019

Emerson Mystic hosts virtual event to celebrate Gaelic festival ‘Samhain’

By Karissa Schaefer, Emerson Los Angeles Bureau Chief
October 31, 2020

This year, Emerson Mystic, an organization dedicated to anything “witchy,” offered a dorm-safe alternative to the traditional Samhain bonfires and celebrations. Students put their creative skills to...

The Boylston and Tremont intersection covered by snow

When Halloween looks a lot more like Christmas

By Frankie Rowley, Content Managing Editor
October 30, 2020

Boston Common transformed into a pre-winter wonderland Friday morning as the first snowfall of the season made its way through the city. About one to three inches of fresh, powdery snow covered the...

After hearing Miami natives detail the northeastern winter, I began to wonder if I’d experience SAD when freezing temperatures hit. / Illustration by Ally Rzesa

Seasonal Affective Disorder: Overcoming the winter blues

By Carlota Cano
September 29, 2019

Growing up in Miami, I practically lived in a bikini and flip flops, savoring warm temperatures and sunny days year-round. Now that I live in Boston, I’ve made the switch from flip flops to boots. Realistically,...

Andrew Stanton is a sophomore journalism major and Berkeley Beacon columnist.

LGBTQ Column: Winning hearts and gold medals

By Andrew Stanton
February 21, 2018

This year, the world watched the first openly-gay Team USA athletes compete in the Winter Olympics. Many people in the LGBTQ community are celebrating figure skater Adam Rippon and skier Gus Kenworthy for...

Music Column: Warming up from winter blues

Music Column: Warming up from winter blues

By Joseph Green
February 14, 2018

Winter is not a good time of year for my mental health. It happens like clockwork every February—the rejuvenation I get from seeing my family and friends over the holiday fades, and soon depression and...

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