The Carnival’s in Town (Hint: It’s in the Alley)


Hailey Johnson

An invitation to the Carnival at the gateway to the Alley.

By Hailey Johnson

Emerson Mane Events hosted a carnival with an array of booths, food, and inflatable games in the 2 Boylston Alley last week. From 1 to 4 p.m., students competed in games like “Zap A Mole!” and “Tip-A-Troll,” in which one was tasked with throwing balls at unsuspecting, fiery-haired dolls. Advertised prizes included miniature plush toys or a raffle ticket to enter a drawing for select Emerson merchandise. 

“This [idea] started in the middle of August,” Mane Events President Kayla Fontalvo said. “Our team member Isabella Bowler came up with it, and from there we reached out to the vendor The Party People, and we decided this would be our first Friday event on campus for students.” 

Along with the booths, tables loaded with a rounded selection of foods from fried oreos to mini corn dogs to vegan jalapeno poppers brought the illusion of a true fairground.

“It’s still warm out, and [a carnival is] a good thing to have outside,” said Kat Mondor, a Mane Events member. “We want to start with some big events to get the community together, and the alley is a good place.”

It was the alley, specifically, that drew sophomore journalism major Rebecca Horton into going to the carnival. 

“I walked past and I saw all the people and the sign, and it looked fun,” Horton said as she ate a cone of blue cotton candy. “I’m having fun. I’m determined to win a prize.”

Based in Connecticut, The Party People offer entertainment packages, ranging from carnival games, mechanical rides, photo booths, and live talent. Many of the games specialize in being “updated” versions of the classics, including inflatable Connect Four and giant Jenga. 

“I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s super cool. I love the Zap-a-Mole!”  first-year undecided major Eve Levy said, referring to the updated version of Whack-A-Mole. 

“I’m happy it’s free,” sophomore interdisciplinary major Charlotte Norling added. 

Emerson Mane Events, voted organization of the year during the 2016-17 academic year, is dedicated to hosting a variety of inviting, themed-events for students that are always free. Past events have included movie nights, make your own boba, and last semester’s Spring Fest.

Based on the success of the Carnival, the organization plans to hold next a “fall-themed” pop-up event Oct.12 spotlighting all things Apple Cider. There will be apple-cider donuts, chilled apple cider, hot apple cider, and more. Where will it be? The alley, of course.