Pop-up event brings a taste of winter to the Lion’s Den

By Hailey Johnson

On Nov. 16th, the smell of warm hot chocolate and cake pops filled the Lion’s Den.

This pop-up event, hosted by Emerson Mane Events, offered an array of cake pops, along with  bite-sized tarts, pie slices, and dairy or oat milk hot chocolate to alleviate stress before break. This event is the latest in a series of functions arranged by Emerson Mane Events.

“These are just grab-and-go things that people can pick up,” said Mane Events President Kayla Fontalvo. “We partnered with Dining Services, and I just asked for cake pops and hot chocolate, but they brought pie, pumpkin and apple caramel tarts—they just went all out. They’re super helpful anytime we cater through them.”

Kallie Cifra, a junior comedic arts major, was thrilled with the selection. She picked up a cake pop, a slice of apple caramel pie, and an oat milk hot chocolate.

“It’s great,” she said, after trying the hot chocolate and the pie. “The pie tastes just like apples.”

Aside from acting as a reward for students, the pop-up’s intention helped advertise the organization’s upcoming Winter Fest that will take place in the Bill Bordy Theater on Dec. 2. The celebration will have snowflake ornament decorating, bracelet making, painting, and hot chocolate.

“It’s going to be a relaxing event for students during finals,” Fontalvo said.

Students must sign up for sessions beforehand, as there are only 30 slots for each session.