Seventeen Valentine’s Day movies for every emotion

By Mariyam Quaisar, Managing Editor

February 14 is fast approaching, and the love-filled day stirs up quite a few emotions. Luckily for you, The Beacon has a number of movie suggestions for you to watch for each emotion you might be feeling on Valentine’s Day. 

Being single on a holiday dedicated to love can be a bummer. For people who want to wallow in your favorite pair of sweats and cry, here are your movies:

  1. Nicholas Sparks’s novel-turned-film The Notebook is probably one of the most tear-inducing films you could watch, and it’s perfect for a night curled up on the couch. 
  2. James Cameron’s 1997 classic Titanic is an epic V-Day film filled with drama, thrills, and, of course, plenty of cry-worthy scenes. 
  3. Back again with another Nicholas Sparks story: A Walk to Remember will most definitely make you ugly-cry, so be sure to have a box of tissues nearby for this one. 
  4. Nick Robinson in Love, Simon will keep you smiling, but his journey with self-identity and sexuality will have you reflecting, too. This is a V-Day must-watch. 
  5. Last but definitely not least, The Fault in Our Stars will either make you happy-cry or ugly-cry. I mean, is there any point in a romance film that doesn’t make viewers emotional? Fair warning: this movie may bring flashbacks of your middle-school John-Green phase.

For those of you who love Valentine’s Day and the red-and-pink romance floating through the air, here are some feel-good movies to watch with your gal pals or significant other:

  1. The film that popularized modern romantic comedies, Pretty Woman will have your heart gushing and cheeks blushing
  2. The Proposal with a glass of wine and comfy blankets is a whole vibe. What’s better than a cliche rom-com starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds? 
  3. For anyone who previously or still is crushing hard on Channing Tatum, She’s the Man is the movie for you. It’s funny, charming, and yeah, it has Channing Tatum. 
  4. Crazy Rich Asians is adorable, quirky, and beautiful. Plus, all of the extravagant clothes and homes and THE WEDDING. I just want to meet Awkwafina in person. 
  5. Saving the best for last, The Half of It explores love, sexuality, and the hardships of an immigrant family in the U.S. Showing the importance of platonic and romantic relationships, this film is definitely a masterpiece. 

Now, taking a step back for those who are in an “anti-Valentine’s” mood this coming Sunday, here are some films that do their part in criticizing love:

  1. The 1951 gem A Streetcar Named Desire is a drama-filled adaptation of the Tennessee Williams play representing romance as none other than a disappointment. If the last thing you want to see is a basic love story, this is a must-watch. 
  2. The First Wives Club not only has an incredible trio of lead actresses with stars Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn, and Bette Midler, but it’s also a perfect revenge comedy that’ll make you want to hug your besties and say f@#!$ you to your exes. 
  3. Nick Cassavetes’ comedy The Other Woman’ will empower you to not take any crap from anyone, and it also has a knockout cast. Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton, and Leslie Mann show the man who hurt them the laws of karma, and they look great doing it. 
  4. Last but not least, A Star Is Born has impeccable singing and undeniable chemistry between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga paired with raw emotions and intense realism. It may be a heartbreaking love story, but it’s definitely not like the traditional ones.

For the drama-lovers, don’t worry, I didn’t forget about you:

  1. Based on the story by Jojo Moyes, Me Before You is for those who love a good romantic tragedy that will take you through the emotional journey you never thought you needed. Also, Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke paired together is a genius move by director Thea Sharrock. 
  2. Joe Wright turned Jane Austen’s famous novel Pride and Prejudice into a beautiful film, and we thank him for that. The film is captivating with its flawless directing and realistic approach, involving two people who are meant to be together and their journey to get there. 
  3. Many romantic dramas make the audience cry, and The Best of Me definitely matches that description. And, shocker, it’s another movie based off of a Nicholas Sparks novel. I highly recommend this film if you want to watch a heart-wrenching romance. 

No matter what mood you’re in this Sunday, Happy Valentine’s (or anti-Valentine’s) Day to all!