Incident Journal: Two non-Emerson members found in Little Building, fire alarm set off in Park Plaza Hotel


Photo: Beacon Archives

An ECPD patrol vehicle.

By Ann E. Matica, Deputy News Editor

The Emerson College Police Department provides the Incident Journal to The Beacon every week. Beacon staff edit the Incident Journal for style and clarity but not for content.

Monday, Feb. 1 

ECPD responded to the Colonial Residence Hall for a reported attempt to bypass security. Three Emerson College students were identified in connection with the attempted bypass and were referred to Community Standards and Student Conduct for violating community standards.

Tuesday, Feb. 2 

An alarm went off by Boylston Place Alley. On arrival, ECPD discovered the alarm was from the 130 Boylston Street building, a non-Emerson property. After checking the area ECPD attempted to contact the building’s owner but was not able to get in contact with them.

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Tuesday, Feb. 2

ECPD responded to a fire alarm going off at the W Hotel. Upon arrival, W Hotel security said the alarm was triggered during attempts to repair the sprinkler head on the first-floor that was the cause of a similar alarm on Jan. 31.

Wednesday, Feb. 3

A fire alarm went off at the Park Plaza Hotel. ECPD responded and found the cause of the alarm was dust in a smoke detector. After confirming that there was no fire and deactivating the alarm community members reentered the building.

Thursday, Feb. 4

Graffiti was found on the opposite end of the Somerville Scene Shop. The graffiti was not on the portion of the building leased by Emerson College. Emerson Facilities was notified and contacted the building owner about the graffiti.

Saturday, Feb. 6

ECPD responded to the Little Building Residence Hall for a reported bypass of security. Two non-community members were found in the south stairwell of the building. The individuals were issued trespass notices and escorted from the property without incident.

Sunday, Feb. 7

There was a report of a bypass in security at 25 Boylston Place. ECPD responded to the report and found a non-community member had entered the building to use a restroom. They were informed that Emerson College is a closed campus and departed campus without incident.

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