Here’s a list of all the winners from the 39th annual Evvy Awards

By Shruti Rajkumar

The 39th Annual EVVY Awards will be live streamed today at 8 p.m. EST. The virtual event was put together by the EVVYs team after the in-person Gala and Majestic shows were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The show consists of motion graphics interspersed with segments that were pre-recorded remotely by hosts, performers, and announcers. Executive producers Leo Duch Clerici, Liz Bradford, Rhegan Graham, and Rachel Westra said that although the team—which consists of hundred of students—faced many logistical and technological challenges as a result of remote production, they are happy that the event is still happening and are excited for people to see the final product.

“In the midst of a global pandemic, with everyone being sent home, with us being just students that have absolutely no hard resources… the fact that we were actually able to pull this off and make something we’re proud of and make something that I think people will enjoy watching is our greatest accomplishment,” Duch Clerici said.

The Beacon will have live coverage of the show with details on winners and performances. Check back here throughout the night for more information on the 39th Annual EVVY Awards.

9:40 p.m.

Dan Finnerty announced the award for Outstanding Animated Program that went to No Room for Ghosts by Samantha Kulin and Olivia Rajabiun.

Kevin Bright announced the award for Outstanding Documentary going to LOVE. by Tay Thai.  

Dan Perrault announced the Outstanding Short Film award to The Man in the Pinstripe Suit by Max Goldberg. 

Paul Solet announced the Outstanding Cinematography award which went to Body Bound by Carl Stewart.

The Outstanding Single Camera Direction award went to James Raudabaugh and Max Straubinger. 

The Outstanding Production Design for Narrative award went to Homestead by Scout Watkins.

Rob Paine announced the Outstanding Cinematic Achievement award that went to Hinterland by Andrew Jacques, James Raudabaugh and Max Straubinger.

The Alumni Award of Distinction went to Keto Shimizu and was presented by Lucinda Gibbons, Phil Klemmer, Marc Guggenheim, and other alums.

The co-hosts wrapped up the event, along with clips from previous EVVY events played behind the credits.

9:25 p.m.

The Outstanding Lighting Design for Studio Television award went to Tastebreakers: An Underground Sound by Eitan Penner and Davin Roberts.

Joe Celli announced the Outstanding Production Design for Studio Television award that went to Tastebreakers: an Underground Sound by Maddy Maroney and Valerie Stevens. 

Norman Lear announced the Outstanding Variety Television Series award that went to Survivor Boston: Beacon Hill Episode 8- “Merger Woke Me Up.”

9:20 p.m.

Doug Herzog announced the Outstanding Music Video award that went to Out of My Head by Jessica Munroe. 

Gene Lavanchy announced the Outstanding Television News Program award, which went to Good Morning Emerson December 4th, 2019 by Elizabeth Perkin, Justin Pham and Riley Walberg. 

Vin Di Bona presented the award for Outstanding Special Production that went to Musicians Wanted: Beane.

Max Mutchnick presented the Outstanding Narrative Television Series award that went to Grow up Episode 2 by Molly Le Grant, Nikki McGovern and Jenn Redington. 

Comedian Bill Burr announced the Outstanding Multi-Camera Direction award, going to Joseph Davidi for Musicians Wanted: Bonnie Parker and Beachcolors.

9:20 p.m.

The award for Outstanding Writing for TV went to Max Rosenberg for The Death of Jeremy Briggs.

Author Jaclyn Friedman announced the award for Outstanding Poetry that went to Imagining California by Owen Elphick.

The Outstanding Fiction Prose award went to My New Haircut by Samuel Levy.

The Outstanding Non-fiction Prose award went to Tales from the Looney Bin: A McLean Memoir by Evan Philips. 

Co-host Arasha Lalani opened up a memoriam, remembering members of the community that passed away this year, including Dan Hollis, who died after an altercation in the fall, and Moses Shumow, who died after he was hit by a commuter rail train in October.

9:15 p.m.

Comedian Justin Willman announced the Outstanding Supporting Performer in a Musical award that went to Eliana Ulluo in Fun Home.

Outstanding Supporting Performer in a Play was awarded to Jessica Dallessandro in Helen.

Jay Leno announced the Outstanding TV Personality award which went to Arasha Lalani.

Actress Andrea Martin announced the Outstanding Lead Performer in a Play award that went to Sam Drust in Blood Like Water.

Jaden Esse won the Outstanding Lead Performer for Screen for Method Actors award.

The Outstanding Lead Performer in a Musical award went to Emily Whalen from Fun Home.

Comedian Eddie Brill announced that Evan Phillips and Billy Brodeur won the award for Outstanding Written Comedy Sketch for Sometimes A Fantasy. 

Matt McKinzie won the Outstanding Writing for Film award for Don’t Interrupt the Sorrow. 

Owen Elphick won the Outstanding Writing for Stage award for Blend.

9:10 p.m.

Sunsetta, an Emerson student band, gave a brief performance and spoke about their music and their time at Emerson. 

The executive producers spoke to acknowledge hosts and all of the teams involved in the production.

Maria Stephanos presented the Outstanding TV Reporter award which went to Angel De Salcedo.

The Outstanding Sports Broadcaster award went to Angel De Salcedo.

Denis Leary announced the Outstanding Radio Personality award that went to Ryan Ribeiro of The Berkeley Beacon News Hour.

Outstanding Stand Up Comedian went to Shelley Jo Gruenberg.

Actress and comedian Jennifer Coolidge announced the Outstanding Comedy Sketch Performance award which went to Mii Time by Jimmy’s Traveling All Stars .

Henry Winkler announced the Outstanding Supporting Performance for the Screen award that went to Melodie Baigun from El Resto.

9:00 p.m.

The Outstanding Sound Design for Screen award announced by Rob Paine went to The Man in the Pinstripe Suit by Max Goldberg. 

Adam and Sabrina Mishler announced Ben Ayotte of Good Morning Emerson Infinite Soul won Outstanding Live Audio Music.

The award for Outstanding Multitrack Recording went to Crush by Navin Bose.

Vin Di Bona announced the Outstanding Motion Graphics award which went to Emerson Channel Comedy Special Title Sequence by Henry Johnston.

Seth Grahame Smith announced the Outstanding Visual Effects award which went to Dyson Sphere by Gauge Wiley.

The award for Outstanding Editing Nonfiction went to Claire Rossi for Sea of Love. 

The award for Outstanding Editing for Narrative went to El Resto by Daniel Parra.

8:50 p.m.

Outstanding Photo Series went to Andrew Yang Humanity First Tour Boston by Daniel Peden.

ArtsEmerson members, Sharon Duffy, and CHUANG Stage colleagues honored Alison Qu’s work with Chuang Stage

Alison Qu gave a speech for her award and gave acknowledgment to Asian American talents at Emerson, offered a call to action to have people come together and make change, and urged people to work with Asian American writers and performers.

8:45 p.m.

Wayne Larrivee announced the Outstanding Blog award, which went to The Marlboro Monitor by Chris Van Buskirk, Domenico Conte, Dylan Rossiter, Stephanie Purifoy, Jakob Menendez, Belen Dumont, and Jacob Seitz.

Outstanding Podcast went to The Dark Side by Jaeden Boatwright, Kaitlin Curtis, Wesley Days, and Gabriella Perez. 

Outstanding Sports Article went to ESPN Hosts Live Podcast by Ethan McDowell.

Outstanding News Article went to Merger Fuels Anxiety Among Marlboro Students by Stephanie Purifoy and Chris Van Buskirk.

Outstanding Opinion Editorial Article went to POC Column: I am from Hong Kong, not China by Frances Hui. 

Lauren Sherman announced the Outstanding Review award which went to Don’t Make a Scene; Uncovering Emerson’s Music Community by Dani Ducharme.

Outstanding Print Publication went to Index Mag [Fall/Winter 2019] by Oona Baker, Yuhan Cheng, Francisco Guglielmino, Jane Moritz, and Mercer Whitfield. 

8:40 p.m.

Chrystee Pharris announces Outstanding Theater Performance, the award went to What Every Girl Should know by Rareworks Theater Company 

Comedian and writer Quinn Marcus announced the Outstanding Director for Stage award, which went to Blood Like Water by Maeve Aurora Chapman.

Broadway actor Miguel Cervante announced the winner of the Outstanding Choreography for Stage award to Hannah Weilminster for 13! 

Co-hosts Claire Layden and Matt Barrett-Miller performed a duet of Do What We Love.

8:30 p.m.

Bobbi Brown announced the Outstanding Makeup Artistry Category which went to Lillian Noyd and Daniella Roberge for Sanctuary Lost. Outstanding Prop Design went to Jake Mouchawar and Molly Reeves for She Kills Monsters.

Outstanding Sound Design for Stage went to Garret Traer for 13! and Outstanding Lighting Design for Stage went to Caitlin Hudecheck for What Every Girl Should Know. 

Maria Menounos announced that Outstanding Costume Design went to Ceilidh Welsh for She Kills Monsters. 

8:15 p.m.

The 39th annual EVVY awards started with a humorous pre-recorded introduction by co-hosts Arasha Lalani, Kyle Goold, Claire Layden, and Matt Barrett-Miller.

The screen opened up with a graphic announcing upcoming performances by Sunsetta and Hip Hop Society, as well as awards announced by Emerson alumni.

The hosts continued with an opening monologue in which they made jokes about things that Emerson students experienced throughout the year.

The first award of the night was the Outstanding Integrated Marketing Campaign award, announced by comedian Jay Leno. Jonah Kaplan took home the first trophy of the night for his Uncool – Redefine Uncool Campaign. 

As for the Outstanding Print Advertisement Award, Jay Leno announced Jay Nanjee won for CandyLand (Part 1). Frances Hui took home the award for Outstanding Speech and Joshua Sun and Cameron Carleton won for their Passage BFA Campaign.